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There is A Sad Reason Behind These Beautiful Eyes

Meet Pam Pam, who is not less popular than any other famous pet on internet. Pam Pam’s eyes, more importantly, get all the credit for it. They look very charmingly enchanting.

Believe me there is no magic behind it. It is mainly because of a disorder she underwent and the term is known as heterochromia Iridis.

It began in its iris and then caused one eye to be a different color than the other. Pam Pam’s eyes have yet another condition called segmental heterochromia which generally affects the same eye to be of a different color altogether.

Luckily, heterochromia is totally harmless; some breeders intentionally try to keep it since it’s highly desirable among certain cat breeds. Have a look at her stunning fusion of colors in Pam Pam’s eyes in the images .

See How Beautiful Pam Pam’s Eyes Look



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