Eyeless Cat Who Sees With His Heart Lives Just Like Any Other Normal Cat

When he was a very small kitten, Kazou was found his eyes had been badly damaged from the flu. They vet had to be remove them to save her. There was no other way out.

But that hasn’t stopped him from being a normal cat like any other.  Blind Kazou is a very much curious, sassy, and fearless cat. He loves to chase bumblebees, and wants to be outside most of the time in very own cat proof garden and loves to feel the sun on belly.

Whever meets Kazou seriously gets thrilled by portrayal of his life just behaving like a normal cat. Even though he’s eyeless, it could be seen that he can see with his heart. And if you meet him, you will realize like everyone else surely he can see.

Kazou is one of the popular and highly valued cats of instagram.

Hunting mice and birds all day long is tiring!
But – did you know that I’m really good at it? I even caught a mole once 🙂 (But my humans released it.. philistines!)

Can’t wait till spring is here

“My humom asked if you want to see also some photos of my friends and you said yes. Soooo this is my best friend Odean!  He’s a handicat too, he has only one eye left. Odean is 2,5 years old (I‘m 4,5).” kazou blind

I can smell the weekend! What are your plans? Mine are: stay in bed till midday, enjoy the sun and get looooooots of treats!

Exploring the snow – I think I heard some birds over there.

“Feeling the sun on my fur, listening to the birds and breathing in the fresh air and all the scents… these are the best things in the world. I’m very fortunate that my humans made this possible for me with my own, cat proof garden.” says kazou

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he can go outside during the day whenever he wants to.

The owner has built a cat proof fence around garden so it’s a closed and safe area at night he has to stay inside the house.

Missing my free and always available snacks 🙁 There’s just snow and mud outside at the moment… Is there also snow where you live?

Weekend is almost over – let’s have a good start into a new week! I wonder, which new adventures might be waiting for me?

“Humom, where are you then? Let’s go inside – time for some treats!”

Every year my humom creates a special calendar with the most adorable photos of me to support a nearby shelter which takes care of cats with special needs. All profit goes to them. There are still some copies of my so called “Kazoulendar” available. Maybe you want one for your home?

Monorail Fearless Cats of The World

Do you have some treats for me?

Playing in the snow with my best friend Odean – together we have 8 legs, 2 hearts and 1 eye.

Do you want a calendar in all those I have modeled?

Wandering snow on caturday

I can see you from the eyes of my heart believe me.

“Humom, where are you then? Let’s go inside – time for some treats!”

You can follow Kazou on his Facebook and Instagram page.

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