22 Funny Cats 2019 – Cats of Instagram

Cats are the best pets, they are more important to us than even real relatives that we spend our lives with. These feline friends that supposedly live nine lives may be that is just an afterthought but they are adorable of all animals. These friends of ours are way more loyal and reliable in terms of faithfulness. Their importance in our lives is not less than our better halves. They have made this world more beautiful by their existence. Imagine a life without cats, a world where no cats are available to pet. That must be very difficult world to live in. So be thankful to these cute kitties of that keep roaming around us. Even if they don’t belong to a popular breed and are just stray ones still they keep a lasting impact on our life in every single day.

Check out these funny cats 2019 that are actually funny cat photos with captions.

#1 The cat that watches too much food network

#2 The tech savvy kitty

#3 The cat that would not sit no matter what

#4 This cat tells you your story

#5 The whisker that has a suspicious nose

#6 The cat needs a treat

#7 The half sleep cat that is sleepy

#8 Grab it just grab- the cat that wants the remote badly

#9 This cat is an early riser

#10 The waiting cat that does not like vet

#11 The cat that take selfies when the owner is not home
#12 The smart cat that can escape anything on choice and absolutely on a pretext
#13 The funny cat 2019 – The tired cat that has an obvious reason to lie in the bed for long
#14 The cats of 2019 latest version of them. These cats are worried
#15 The BFFs cats. Cats sharing a bed
#17  When you go to a beauty parlor and get everything done well but your cat is suspicious of your beautification.
#18 The persistent kitty. This cat owns everything that she sits in, the food that she pass by and the bed that is wherever she wants to sleep.
#19 Cat about potty matters. She seriously wants to learn as well this magical natural trick that she could not learn before.
#19 The fighting cats that are a**h**** at times
#20 The cat that believes in no-food-rules that means the food should be there forever.
#21 The covfefe kitty that has taken so much caffeine that it is difficult to not get a hit of.
#22 The spiritual cat – Believe me this cat is spiritual


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