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Everyone’s Sweetheart at Instagram ‘Sophie’ Passed Away – Her Life Story Will Make You Pray For Her


This cat Sophie, very famous at instagram @sophielovestuna, was not less than a celebrity among all animals. Sophie was in intensive care for the last week.

Via: @sophielovestuna

This is the story of her life.

Sophie was rescued from a hoarding house in Boston.

She had very rough child until she was adopted by a family. After rescuing all she wanted was to be close to her new parents.

She had this bed where she went to sleep every single night in her parent’s room.

When you're about to go to bed really early and pause to think should I stay up…naa

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Last week she was admitted into a hospital and was shifted into Intensive Care Unit immediately.

Sunday Night Update: I just came from the hospital and unfortunately her breathing has deteriorated enough to where the doctors felt she was in jeopardy. She has been moved onto a ventilator and is being closely monitored in their critical care unit. Praying she gives it her all fighting this. She's in very good care and we're doing everything we can. I have raised the initial fundraising goal because we are now into an additional $5-7,000 in medical bills. The ventilator alone is $750/day. I cannot thank you all enough for all the support, donations, shares, and prayers that have been coming in. I honestly couldn't do it without all of your help. I will get to reading all your well wishes but right now I'm completely overwhelmed and broken. Please pray. ☹️?? link in bio

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Many people raised funds for her. Today she is not with us but her memories.

Wednesday Update: Sorry for the wait guys. I had to see the doctors and hear about test results. Today we saw some improvement! Her X-rays showed significant improvement since Sunday. Her right lung is looking pretty good, her left is still 50-60% pneumonia but improved. Her blood work is better today and her breathing has been pretty stable. If tonight continues to go well they may try and ween her off the ventilator tomorrow very slowly to see if she's ready. Just that option being on the table makes me hopeful yet terrified at the same time. All in all it was a very positive day, although she is in noway out of the woods yet. Thank you all so much for your continued donations and support. We couldn't do this without all of you and the generosity you've shown us. Even best case scenario she will remain there for several more days. The amazing team at MSPCA Angell continues to give my baby the best round the clock care I could ask for. Thank you! Please continue to pray that she heads in the right direction and remains strong enough for what's ahead. ???

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Sadly! This is the last update from her parents when Sophie was in the hospital.

There are no words for the sadness it brings me to let all of you know my little angel gained her wings tonight. Everything I did included her and I’m crushed she’s off on a new adventure without me. I cannot begin to thank each and every one of you for the kindness, generosity, and support you’ve all shown us. What an amazing community this is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying to help save my baby and to the amazing team at MSPCA Angell that did everything they could providing the best round the clock care. She was weened off the ventilator this afternoon for 1 1/2 but had to go back on after elevated breathing. The plan was to give her more time to heal but later tonight she slipped away. I wish this wasn’t real. I don’t want to tell the world she’s gone….heartbroken.

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