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Guy With His Two Cats Recreate Famous Movie Scenes & Fun is Absolutely Next Level

David and Sarah are the two of a kind creative brain from U.K. behind Movie Cats, a creative project that they have been creating with their two cats of Instagram, Willow and tara.

Together, these two along with their famous movie cats recreate famous movie scenes and the people cannot get enough of the team. When they started the project for recreating famous movie scenes with cats the followers start flowing and despite a small number of their instagram posts they have created a following for their own.

They have two cats are equally cute and photogenic but their lead heroine is Tara who has stared in most of their pictures. “We started doing it as a picture question in our pub quiz’s film/TV round, and it went down really well so we made it a regular thing,” – the couple told The Dodo.

“The cats clearly think we’re weird. It can be a challenge to get the cats to cooperate, but they get lots of treats so that tends to win them over to our nonsense,” Sarah and David told LoveMeow.

 The Shining = The Catning
Photo Credit Movie Cats

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial = Catra Caterrstrial
Photo Credit Movie Cats

The cat is like: “What’chu looking at?! Me and my pal gonna go to the moon!”

#Lady and The Tramp = David & The Cat
Photo Credit Movie Cats

The cat is more beautiful! :3 she’s purrrrfect! and it ain’t too much better than the original?

#Alien = Calien
Photo Credit Movie Cats

The cat’s face…almost the movie!

Photo Credit Movie Cats

Is Tara the Ice Man? Highway to the danger zone.

#Dirty Dancing = Catsy Dancing
Photo Credit Movie Cats

The cat obviously has a good time.

Photo Credit Movie Cats
#American Beauty = Ameowrican Beauty!
Photo Credit Movie Cats

This one is hilarious!

#Casino Royale = Catsino Royale
Photo Credit Movie Cats

The good the bad and the ugly of catsino royale.

#Wayne’s World = Cat’s World
Photo Credit Movie Cats

the cats just like yep I’ll roll with it

Photo Credit Movie Cats

Is that a cat or a seal?

Photo Credit Movie Cats

“kitty” my “cat” I long for your “purr” and the cat is giving his dad the most loving look, and looks very interested in what he dad is saying.

#The Notebook = The Catbook
Photo Credit Movie Cats

The next scenes about to get really awkward lol.

You Can Follow Movie Cats @ Instagram

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