Cats in Cups – If They Fit, They Sit!

Amazing animal photos had shown you on a number of times yawning animals. When it comes to cats, we are fond of them. We have shown you a series of different sides of cats and kitten. Do you like kitten in cups? What more do you need than 5 videos of cats in cups. Nothing. There is NOTHING you need more right now.

These little kitties prove that if they fit, they’ll sit. Or sleep. Or still somehow manage to create havoc. We wouldn’t have them any other way though.

Soft kitty, warm kitty…

If you didn’t know this was a kitten, you might have mistaken it for the froth on your cappuccino such is its delightful, white fluffiness. This is perfect if you just need to have a quite couple of minutes away from the distractions of everyday living and feeling utterly stressed.

Little ball of fur…

Aside from the fact this little dude has the saddest looking little face, he shows just how easy it is to get yourself comfy in the smallest, most uncomfortable looking space. Then he just sits back and admires his handiwork. As should we all. We’re impressed with your versatility Mr Cat.

Happy kitty

This one acts like a slinky, but seems happy to enough to take pride of place in their owner’s pint glass. We just hope they gave a quick rinse through before they filled it with beer the next time they fancied a drink!

Sleepy kitty

This little sleepy kitty just wants to chillax and catch some zeds in their red spotty cup. After all, it’s tiring work being so cute and adorably fluffy all day, isn’t it? All it needs now is some cat treats and Netflix to watch.

Purr purr purr

This one didn’t get the memo and thought they’d be able to fit into a size smaller. Well, don’t we all want to be like that? By the way, no cats were harmed in the making of this film clip!

We hope you enjoyed our little selection of cats being unbearably cute.

Featured image: Laughingsquid

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