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Artist Turns Cat into Purrfect Marvel & DC Superheroes

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All the geeky kitty lovers who also like marvel superheroes here is the super purrfect artwork that is irresistible and the creator Fajareka Setiawan is very talented Indonesian who illustrates concept art and mashups for fun with cute kittens. These kitties are turned into Marvel and DC superhero characters that we never knew we could realize before this.

In the personal series named Catvengers by Fajareka has realized cats into the favorite superheroes with unbelievable transition and it does not stop to the detailed costumes but perfect precision. To recognize these illustrated characters you should look closely and all these are with names like Deadpool to Catpool and Aquaman to Aquacat etc. for fun.

Image Credits: Instagram

This kitten just want to watch antman and the wasp movie in town.

Image Credits: Instagram

Let’s go fishing!

Image Credits: Fajarekas

if you got bitten by this kitty, you will be a blackkitteh!

Venom Cat
Image Credits: Fajarekas

I am hungry.

Image Credits Fajarekas

Are you ready for the movie?

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