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10 Of The Sneakiest Pictures Of The Sneakiest Animals You’ll Ever See

via linkbeef

Animals can more often than not be the sneakiest animals. They run and sneak food, they hide behind things and they’re always trying to sneak up on humans for whatever reason they like. Therefore, to celebrate their sneakiness, we’ve gone ahead and found some great pictures that sum up the sneakiest of these animals. Let’s have a look at these sneaky animals then.

1. The hiding bear

via littlegatepublishing

This little baby bear looks to hugging a tree, but he also looks like he’s hiding behind the big branch and being the sneakiest of bears.

2. Raccoon in case

via pinterest

Raccoons have become quite famous for sneaking into people’s houses and stealing their pets’ food. This little meme shows exactly that and leaves us laughing.

3. Sneaky cat

Via animalwall

If you can look at this picture and not help chuckling at how sneaky this cat is being, peaking over the fence to try and get this squirrel.

4. The ninja cat

via theawesomedaily

Look at this ninja cat as he hangs above the doorway, just ready to land on this dog and hit the final blow.

5. Hungry looking hamster

via wallpapers.faketrix

This is one hungry looking hamster as he hides inside some of his own food to try and get in as much as possible before anybody finds him. That’s one guilty looking face!

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6. Husky sneaking out

via pinterest

This is a brilliant picture of a husky that looks like he’s trying to sneak out after his curfew. It’s a picture that looks like it would suit a human being more!

7. Moose stealing lunch

via linkbeef

This moose is sneaking himself some lunch whilst this man sleeps and it’s absolute picture perfection.

8. Bunny cat

via ebooksonl

They say Cats are intelligent creatures, but there’s no doubt that this picture sums up just how clever cats can be as he sneaks into these bunnies’ home.

9. Blending in golden kitten

via earthporm

Can you see the kitten? No? Well yes, there’s a golden little kitten sitting on the back of that golden retriever and it looks absolutely shady!

10. The famous sneaky raccoon

via boomsbeat

And finally, arguably the most famous sneaky animal on the internet, this raccoon. This raccoon famously runs into the garage of a family who own two cats, grabs some cat food into his hands and then waddles his way out. Such are best photos for animal memes put up by amazing animal photos for you.

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