Cat Obsessed With This New Bridge Furniture Made For Her Gives Cat Lovers Something New to Talk About

I always had a blotchy skin or a runny nose because I was allargic to cats and dogs. But my family always had them around in the house, so I was really excited when I moved out. But this all was very short-live because my girlfriend Megan turned out to be a cat lover. She finally convinced me into getting a pet cat, says the owner of this cat.

He further adds, When we brought the cat home we started looking for some cat furniture but did not find anything to our taste. And at last we decided to build him something though we did not have any knowledge of woodwork at all.

We built him a cat bridge but after that we needed to put steps on both sides of the bridge. We started experimenting with different mounting techniques and finally ended up building Ickle a fantastic wall. Seeing the cat enjoy the bridge so much we decided to start making them on a commercial basis. Selling them on Etsy we got a tremendous response from the Etsy customers. After that we improved upon our original ideas and expanded the business also. And now after four years this side project has turned into a flourishing business.

Altough I am still allergic to cats but without them I would be never doing what I am doing now.

Cat sleeping deeply in the hanging bridge furniture


A small bridge furniture made out of wood is the new thing this cat has become obsessed with


Look below how comfortable this cat lies on this beautiful furniture bridge made exclusively for cats.


This is a typical cat-talk between the two cats about this new cat furniture in the town.


Cat sleeping in the hanging furniture.


This cat enjoying the comfort of furniture made for her by the owner.


This is how she can walk the wooden bridge.


Cat in deep thinking while looking at wooden bridge.


Cat is playing with the furniture which is crafted by the owner.


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