Animals Selfies – 30+Times Animals Took Perfect Selfies & Went Viral

Taking selfies has become the pop culture among masses recently. It has become so rooted and ingrained in our society that an event in today’s human history does not go unnoticed on internet. Some people have used their selfies to be their career option, Kim Kardashian being on top who published an entire book  out of her self portraiture.

Some famous photographers ventured into the kingdom of animals to take amazing animals photos with them. The art of taking selfies has been widely adopted by animal kingdom from domesticated to wild animals dogs, cats, primates, kangaroos and camels have been ruling the roaster coaster of internet with their amazing self photos.

Allan Dixon, who claimed himself to be an animal whisperer, is considered to have mastered the art of getting animals help him take the best shots.

David Slater should be considered the father of animals selfies as in 2011 he purposely left his camera in Indonesian monkey reserve and a curious macaque Naruto snapped some of the classy self portraits. It sparked an odd controversy and became a subject of a legal battle— that was finally settled in 2016 as a monkey cannot hold the copyrights.

The art of taking selfies has officially been adopted by the animal kingdom, and it’s one of the most hilarious things going viral right now. From zoo residents to family pets, these animals are posing, smiling, and even grouping up for the camera. The resulting photos are both adorable and fascinating, as they provide a window into the private lives of the wild’s most mysterious creatures.

It is a fact that we cannot get amazing animal photos snapped by animals so a method has been created “camera trapping” and camera clicks selfies when it is touched or approaches a motion-sensing device near the lens.

Take a look at some of the best animal selfies making their way around the web right now, and while you’re at it, double-check that your own furbaby hasn’t run off with your phone.

Amazing animal photos gathered most popular animals selfies on internet. Have a look at these.

#1 A Dog’s Morning in The Hood



#2 Hello World Morning From The Best Cat Selfie Queen


#3 Hey Just Wanted to Drop This Selfie

Photo credit:@harlowandsage

#4 When A Camel Smiles Dixon Clicks it

Photo credit:@daxon

#5 In The Mood to Snap

Photo source: anonuemus

#6 A Perfect Snowy Day for Cats And Dogs to Click


#7 See My Eyes, BOI! Follow Me on Instagram

Source:Chris McLennan

#8 Like My Tongue-Out Selfie, Ain’t Ja?

source:Nicole Marie

#9 A feather for a selfie stick


#10 of beards and bones


#11 Mean horse just looking back at you

Source:Caroline Hofman

#12 Got my braces out moments after ‘clickin’ selfie for my fellows at instagram.


#13 A Typical pout that only me makes great, hell ya.


#14 Stop sneakin into our lives but for selfies, keep coming.

Source:Kym Illman

#15 A perturbed dog, other two confused dogs and the confident master.


#16 Out of the bath into the selfie mode.


Elephants’ popular selfies on internet

#17 Some elephants like it cheesy

#18 No big, deal this elephant snatches camera for a selfie and it is perfectly taken, is n’t it?

Caters News Agency

#19 Kim Kardashian, cannot stop taking selfies with the elephant. Here is the proof.

Yep, it doesn’t get weirder than this! Kim Kardashian was posing for selfies with an elephant in Thailand.

#20 Look closely, at this point Kim K got scared by this elephant.

Kim K: Hello dummy elle, selfie please?

Elephant: You crazy woman. I am real.

Most popular cat selfies on internet

#21 “Line up ya all morons. It’s a selfie time,” said cat to unorthodox dogs.


#22 And when cats are not in mood for a matter what Game of Thrones celebrity you are.

#23 “You typical humans, won’t let me take a nap, has someone ever told you how crazy you are sometime.”

#24 “Mr. real slim, please come closer, “

I said, ‘no’.

#25 Go to bed, human or watch Jurassic World The Fallen Kingdom but please stop bothering me.

Popular Giraffe Selfies on Internet

#26 Giraffe being one step closer, just to drop his best selfie on Imgur.

#27 What the heck, this human is actually looking at me.

#28 When this  Chihuahua could not get enough of self. Went big time viral on social media.

#29 This sloth help the traveler take perfect selfie.

This sloth let this guy take a perfect selfie and it ruled the internet for months.

#30 The odd controversy that made the way for amazing animals selfie back in 2011. Meet Naruto the founding father.

#31 Naruto seems confident here. Cannot stop looking at this new thing at monkey conserve Indonesia.

#32 Looking at these selfies the judge was confused too.

#33 In the meanwhile; while everyone else kept trying an otter made it to the Oscars.

Photo source: Aquarium of the Pacific

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