20 Cute Pet Pictures With Owners

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Pets can be the more loyal, loving and cuddly than any human being and that is why so many of us keep these lovely fluffy friends. Pets become members of our families and we love them just as much (if not more!). Here are pictures that really prove that pets make the absolute best friends anyone could wish for.

1- This photo says volumes itself.

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This cuddly pair make the best of best friends and look so happy to be together.

2- The level of comfort of the pet owner to this bunny is really incredible.

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You know you have a best friend in your pet when they snuggle up to you and fall asleep in your arms, and this cute floppy eared bunny is super chilled in his besties arms.

3- This cutest pet had new wheel and he is all love and cuddling.

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Although this little guy is missing his back legs, he’s not missing a loving owner and true best friend. These two make the ultimate team getting through tough times and having tons of fun along the way.

4- The pet owner must have been luckiest one to have such a compassionate horse for a pet.

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This pony is giving its poorly owner kisses, which is the ultimate sign of love. This picture is so powerful and really shows the strong bond and friendship between owner and pet.

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5- A pair of two cute friends

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These two look adorable cute whilst they’re feeling super cool cruising in their red car! They are the bestest friends and have to go everywhere together.

6- The timeless love between the owner and the pet is priceless

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When you’re pet is your best friend they’ll give you lots of little kisses, just like this tiny little white kitty.

7- Wow this moment between the owner and the pup is beautifully captured

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Sometimes those tiny kisses go slightly wrong and turn into nose nibbles, but this still means they love you loads and is pretty cute!

8- Just look at this picture and you will become speechless

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This pony loves her owner so much, that she is giving her a hug. This is rarely seen and is an amazing way to see such a strong friendship.

9-This twinning is all cuteness

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This bunny duo of little and large make such an adorable Easter team… even if the rabbit looks as though it might have had too many easter eggs!

10- This face when…

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These selfie besties are tons of fun and love to chill out together while goofing around, pulling silly faces – love it!

11-This old boy is having best time with pets

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Here are three long term, much loved best friends. You can see the strong bond between the three of them, which is an unbreakable friendship bonded with unconditional love.

12- This journey must have been so wonderful to recall

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Here is another long term friendship that shows these two buddies growing up together and spending the best years of their lives side by side.

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13- The laugh that sends cute vibes across the net

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You can’t help but smile at these two being silly and taking hilarious smiley selfies! These besties know how to have the most fun.

14- The comparison between the two busy friends is absolutely adorable.

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When it comes to chill time, these two have it covered with a book to read each and chilling whilst having a little cuddle.

15- Cuteness overloaded

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These two BFF’s have something in common, and that is being a super sleepy pair! The are inseparable¬†even whilst asleep.

16- Yes, humans can act like dogs.

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Who said humans can’t act like dogs?! These two are chilling out together and waiting for tummy rubs!

17- The perfect husband, the wife and the uber perfect pet.

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Even when sleepy, best friends stick together, as seen with this little puppy chilling on his two owners so he doesn’t have to miss her while taking a nap.


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Best friends always get up to mischieve together and these two look like the cheekiest of all. You couldn’t be mad though because they look too cute.

19- The moment that lasts forever between a cute baby and her cute puppy.

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Both smiling and nose to nose, these two look like the ultimate best friends that love each other so much.

20- This cute pup licking kid with sheer compassion is all beauty to witness

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And what better way to tell someone they are your best friend than to give them a big slobbery kiss! These cute pet pictures with owners are so powerful that it is impossible to not appreciate them.

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