10 Celebrities With Their Cute Pugs

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It’s a well-known fact that Pugs really are the new high fashion breed of pooch to own, and with very good reason. Pugs are super cute, tiny so you can bring them anywhere with you and look adorably hilarious whilst dressed up. So, you won’t be surprised to hear that celebrities have joined the pug fashion pup trend; and for some reason it makes them look ten times cuter! So check out these 10 celebrities with their cute pugs.

Paris Hilton And Her Pug

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Paris is famously known for loving her tiny dogs that she can carry in her handbag, so to own a little Pug is the perfect dog for her. Hilton does not disappoint with how adorably cute her Pug is and by the looks of things they go everywhere together!

Gerard Butler’s Pug

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When they say owners look like their pets, they weren’t lying! Both looking handsome together we have the A-list actor Gerard Butler with his best friend and loved companion, his cute Pug! These aren’t a pair to be rivalled!

Kelly Brook’s Pug

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Look how cute Kelly Brooks little pug is! This little guy is called Rocky and she takes him everywhere with her! This happy pair looks like the ultimate Pug and owner best friends, in fact this photo sums up our relationship goals!

Charlie Sheen with His Pug

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Charlie Sheen brings out his soft side with this tiny, super happy black Pug. We can’t get over how happy and cute this Pug is!

Yasmin Le Bon’s Pug

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British model, Yasmin loves her Pug so much she’s even taken him on a date with her. This cute puppy has definitely dressed for the occasion and makes dogs being at the table look totally acceptable.

Alec Baldwin with his Pug

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This tiny pooch belongs to the very proud looking Alec Baldwin! This Pug is super chilled on his owners shoulder, just soaking in the celebrity lifestyle and stealing the cuteness limelight from Alec.

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Denise Richards Pug And Dogs

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Denise Richards absolutely loves all dogs (as you might have noticed from the picture!) but there is one particular puppy that takes up just a little more room in her heart and that is her tiny pug squished in the middle of his buddies! Do you blame her, he is super cute.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Pug

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This sneaky shot pictures A-list actor Jake Gyllenhaal with his loyal companion. We love how his pooch looks as if he is protecting Jake from any paparazzi or risks to him and his sandwich!

Jodie Marsh with Her Pug

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Peggy the pug belongs to the glamour celeb Jodie Marsh! When she is not in the body-building action, she is chilling at home with her adorable tiny little Peggy! Do you blame her?! We’d never leave the house if we had our own little Peggy.

Hugh Laurie with His Pug

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Check out this dapper pair! These two look like total fashionistas and make the cutest pair… well maybe just the Pug! Hugh Laurie has jumped on the Pug bandwagon too and you can see just how much he loves it with his adorable, chubby puppy!

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