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32 Hearbreaking 10 Year Challenge Nature Memes That Will Break Your Heart

10 year challenge best photos

The #10YearChallenge has become a cult viral everywhere be that twitter, facebook or even Instagram, the people are actively participating in the virtual event wholeheartedly.

Apart from the all those giggles and wiggles lies a sad truth that some people have shared and have tried their best to educate the masses with these environment based very sad 10 year challenge nature memes. They have shared devastating nature memes for hashtags 10 year challenge and they are absolutely heartbreaking.

The recent addition to the hashtags has drawn attention of the people towards environment hazards and devastation our planet has undergone through. The contributors range from environmentalists to common internet users believe this is groundbreaking challenge we must not ignore.

Here are very sad 10 year challenge nature memes.

#1 Agua Limpa Project ..planting 40000 plants in Brazil.

10 year challenge best photos

#2 Where the fishes have gone?

10 year challenge best photos

#3 Arctic 100 years ago vs today – The melting ice

10 year challenge best photos

#4 The most deforested place in Amazon, Brazil

10 year challenge best photos

#5 Rhone Glacier 2008 vs 2018

10 year challenge best photos

#6 2008-2018 The Unchanged Bottle

disturbing 10yearchallenge photos

#7 The famous polar bear photo that went viral in 2015

disturbing 10yearchallenge photos
:Tony Costa,Kerstin Langenberger Photography

#8 One of the biggest environment challenges

sad 10yearchallenge photos

#9 The forest lost 7.3 million hectares per year

sad 10yearchallenge photos

#10 The irreparable damage we have caused

sad 10yearchallenge photos

#11 Climate Change in 10 years


#12 The change that happened and we failed to notice before


#13 The deforestation challenge


#14 Save Planet Earth


#15 The declining quality


#16 Forget 10 year challenge check this


#17 The lake Chad that provided water to Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger.


#18 Humans have destroyed it in less than 10 years what nature took a hundred of years to accomplish


#19 Rivers and lakes are shrinking


#20 Mendenhall Glacier Alaska


#21 Amazon rainforest 10 years ago and now.


#22 End plastic pollution


#23 The deforestation in few years at its worst.


#24 A hawaiian Tree Snail

.ALejo Patmat

#25 The temperature difference in 10 years


#26 The sadness under the water could be seen clearly


#27 In a matter of few years not actually 10 years


#28 How much ice has melted


#29 Trift Glacier Switzerland in 10 years


#30 The marine life has disappeared


#31 Just plastic everywhere no thrill left for these poor animals


#32 Where these forests have gone. This Orangutan must be thinking humans are so cruel and mean.



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