12+ Most Creative Photos

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Photographers who give very much attention to details are praised with accolades and prizes. It requires the best lens to capture the detailed version of photos. Some photos are good but they are not clear and it becomes difficult for the jury to decide. But some photos are really awesome. They just take away breath of the jury. They win best photo awards which comprise on thousands of dollars each year.

The following were declared best photos of birds for the last year. They received gold awards. The list contains various photos and all of them are gold prize winners. The most creative photos have been following which seem out of the world.

Feeding Flamingos

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Best portfolio by Markus Varesvuo


How well this photo would have been composed before clicking the camera. So beautifully captured photo define each color very well.

The translucent owl

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The photo has been captured with special technique that reflect the professionalism of photographer.

This owl looks like real life batman

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Look at the rise of this owl from the darkness.

Just getting out of water

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The freezing ground – The fog around the bird

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Birds photos captured in the environment they relate to

Ben Hal won the best prize for the following photo which shows the bird flying

Photo by Ben Hal

Piotr Chara’s best photo that show the assembly of the birds

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John Sherman got honorable mention for the following magnificent photo

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Bird Behavior photo by Andy Parkinson

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The bird taking the flight

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Ben Charman won gold prize for this photo.

Jamie Hall won silver for the following best photo

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Gabor Kapus was among honorable mentions for the following photo

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Creative Imagery by Georgina Steytler

This photo won award could be seen here

These photos have won the prizes for various categories. They were selected out of thousands of photos submitted for various categories.


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