Most Common Domestic Cat Breeds You Can Adopt Right Now

Adopting a cat is easy these days. But which breed to choose? As some people may like Ocicats while the others prefer Ragdoll. We have to know about the cat breeds first. As we know that there are so many cat breeds out there. Some are expensive others are not; there are still some which are easily domesticated while others cannot be. Check out our list of domestic cat breeds that covers most of the popular cats.

#1 Exotic Shorthair Persian Cats

The Persian cats with comparatively shorter coat to other breeds are commonly known as Exotic Shorthair cat breeds. They are very calm and sweet in their behavior. They are very friendly, agreeable and easy to pet than any other persian cats.

#2 Bengal cats

This breed of cats comes from Egyptian Mau, Asian Leopard cat and is a domestic cat to pet. People love to have these for pets. Bengal cats would not disappoint you if you buy them.

#3 Ocicat

Image Source: Pawesome Cats

One of the good domestic cats which seems more like a wild cat but it’s certainly not at all. This breed comes from Siamese and Abyssinian breeds. It’s spots look like wild cat’s and has domestic genes. You’d love this breed. Many cat people like to have ocicat for a pet.

#4 Ragdoll Cats

An adult ragdoll cat weighs about 20 pounds. This breed is very loving and has a medium coat which you can easily take care of. Their hair feels like velvet and they care a lot for their humans.

#5 Maine Coon Cats

Many people are fond of big cats but they get scared of their size. What if we tell you a large domestic cat breed. Yes, maine coon is a large cat that you can keep for a pet. It Hails from Maine the US State and it’s where its name comes from. Maine Coon is also one of the oldest cat breeds. It’s not just big and huge but has amazing hunting skills.

#6 Sphynx Cats

It was developed back in the 1960s through the process of selective breeding. Sphynx is the hairless breed of cats which does not have a coat due to mutation. They are very gentle, kind and affectionate cats but need a good treatment to come as such. People love to keep Sphynx for pets.

It originated in Canada and has different colors despite its hairless appearance. Those colors can be white, black, brown, lavender

#7 British Shorthair cats

This breed of cat is originally from Britain as its name suggests. It’s a pedigreed breed which means a purebred animal. British shorthair cats have a stocky body with dense hair coats. They have different color mixes like blue and grey.

#8 Scottish Fold Cats

Scottish Fold cats are naturally mutant which affects the cartilage and makes its ears to fold. Its ears can move backwards and forwards and that’s why they are also called owl cats. They are originally from Scotland, it’s where the prefix scots come from and they are also called Scot Fold.

Their lifespan lasts approximately 15 years. They are not very expensive cats.

#9 Siamese Cats

When we talk about Asian cats, Siamese cats. It’s a highly demanded cat breed. It’s derived from the Wichianmat landrace which is a Thai cat breed. This breed soon became popular in the Western world. This breed has lived with humans for hundreds of years. This breed is sleek and mostly silver grey which can be recognized easily.

They are very friendly and adored by people and people just love to keep them for pets. So if you are looking for a nice Asian breed of cats, get a Siamese cat.

#10 Abyssinian Cats

Image Source: bowwowinsurance

Many people ask if Abyssinian cats are friendly. It’s a domestic cat with a short hair coat. They are called Abys. This cat resembles a lot with old Egyptian cats we see in the old paintings and sculptures. Abyssinians cats can become best human friends. These cats are not aggressive but they can choose one person over others that’s why they are exceptional in many ways.

#11 Devon Rex Cats

Image Source: Catster

If you are new to cats and looking to adopt a cute, active and playful cat then Devon Rex is for you. Many call it monkey in a cat’s clothing. They are super active and intelligent too. You can teach them tricks and they’d follow you quickly. You can tame them easily.

#12 Siberian Cats

Image Source: Siberiancatz

It’s one of the oldest breeds of landrace cats. It’s recently that Russia has formally made it known all over the world. A Siberian cat can be small and large as well. You cannot take it for a standard size of cat.
Siberian cats are very friendly. They love to cuddle and snuggle. You can train them easily. They do not scratch furniture.

Which cat breeds coexist well with dogs?

There are some cat breeds which coexist with other pets well including dogs. Check out we have mentioned some of the cats below which are suitable if you already have a dog at home.

Many cat breeds can become tolerant to dogs. But ones which we highly recommend are Maine Coons, American Shorthair, Devon Rex, Norwegian and Ragdoll cats. These breeds never try to dominate other pets, get agitated or irritated if you have other pets at home.

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