Realistic SpongeBob Patrick And Homer – Artist Shows They’d Look Like This Scary Rather Than Cute

Image Miguel Vasquez
Real life spongebob lives in a pineapple but underneath the seabed and he is sure coming to get us.

Kids from all over the world adore spongebob squarepants and spongebob conehead.
Since its inception back in 1990s to this day, these animated cartoon characters are very popular among kids. The shiny yellowish sea sponge puts on white shirt, red tie and brown pants looks absolutely cute in the animated cartoon version but he is totally an altered person in real life. Quite scary..but careful kids.

squarepants realisticImage Miguel Vasquez

Miguel Vasquez terrified the internet when he drew realistic 3D spongebob for his project “Best Friends Forever” that brings to life SpongeBob and best friend patrick Star a rather pinkish starfish from the animated series.
They are absolutely not safe for children NSFC.
Vasques has worked on several other characters beside realistic spongebob.

Miguel Vasquez is a 3D digital artist who has rendered spongebob in realistic version

where spongebob lives

spongebob conehead in real life
Image Miguel Vasquez

SpongeBob in Real life 3D version looks pretty unsettling as compared to animated version

realistic spongebob
Image Miguel Vasquez

His project Best Friends Forever was based on animated friends Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick

does spongebob exist in real
Image Miguel Vasquez

Does SpongeBob in real NOT scare you kids? Look closely

spongebob in real
Image Miguel Vasquez

Check out this version of realistic SpongeBob Squarepants and Patrick

spongebob squarepants in real
Image Miguel Vasquez

They both look pretty scary.

spongebob in real life
Image Miguel Vasquez

Miguel has brought to life several other animated versions as well. They look absolutely realistic.

A close up at this spongebob gang will certainly scare you

Cancel your internet, these all animated cartoons are coming to life and they are pretty scary.

Not enough? Meet Homer in real life from the Simpsons

realistic homer

Have a better look. The simpsons family is very realistic.

homer in real life

Kermit is not cute at all either

Back to realistic SpongeBob and Patrick.

realistic spongebob -1frf

More infot: Migeul Vasquez 
Instagram: Marvelous Mike

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