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An internet meme is a picture with text that amuses people or give an idea about something. The most popular kind of memes include dank clean memes.
There are other forms of memes as well that netizens often use with various tags like hollywood memes, philosoraptor memes and several others.
We find memes as a means of fun and amusement. Sometimes they are used to convey crux of an issue, other times they are used to mock an issue as well. As a whole they are not really mean to offend people. But tell a central idea in a better way.
However, there are offensive memes as well on the internet which are targeted against social evils. Memes are considered an important part of today’s techie world. People at work often send these memes to friends and followers to share an idea and also to reduce the intensity of work load.
Memes are used to convey a message in a better way. Since the popularity of social networks memes have become an integral part of communication.