How To Calm An Anxious Dog – Natural Dog Calming Products

There are many ways you can calm an anxious dog. We have mentioned below many natural dog calming products that will help dogs in anxiety and separation. But first you have to diagnose condition of the dog if it’s really anxious and frightened.

Anxiety in dogs is nothing new. They become extremely anxious for a number of reasons, their personality and different traits are responsible for it. We see their anxiety expressed through different ways. Most of which are mentioned here

  • ​Defecating indoors 
  • Biting and squeezing
  • Excessive chewing
  • ​Licking and grooming a lot 
  • Excessive barking and whining 
  • Aggressive behaviour 

There are two major ways we can help dogs overcome anxiety with medication and training. Since medicines leave a negative impact on their lives in the long run, it’s best to go for dog training with some necessary medicine to help them. There are few natural ways you can treat dog anxiety. 

​Dog training with medication to treat anxiety in dogs

Dogs are a lot like humans. They develop anxious behavior just like us all, some of them even more randomly than the others. Such dogs are treated when medical help comes with training to calm and treat them properly. 

Though some dogs get more frightened than even before but still a major population will get healed, training makes a dog confident and ready for all the situations ahead. They find their owners trustworthy. 

Why and how your dog reflects anxiety?

Being a dog owner one needs to find the cause of anxiety first. Once it’s diagnosed it becomes easy to cure it. Your dog may show anxiety due to following things. 

  • When taken into a different environment 
  • When its surrounding changes 
  • When confined into small rooms 
  • When left alone for a long time 
  • When hearing loud music or noises 
  • ​When meets new people 
  • When introduced to modern products and gadgets 

Once you come to realize that your dog being scared you will come to realise that you can resolve that problem or consult pro trainer 

Follow the following steps to treat anxiety in your dog naturally. These tips will help your dog surely. 

  1. You need to keep your dog agile. It’s necessary to keep your dog active and fit by exercising. As we all need to move, so do the dogs and their body produces a good amount of serotonin, the hormone that can keep humans and animals feeling good. 
  2. If your dog gets scared of thunderstorms, fireworks or any other loud noises then give your dog an alternative choice. Try to show it some distraction which your dog loves any day.
  1. When your dog realizes that you are going to play with then offer it some treats and tricks. It will overcome fear soon. You can also give your dog the favorite toy it loves all the time. Dogs love toys and choose one which suits its liking. 
  2. One more thing which dogs love is a massage. Give your dog the best massage therapy and use TTouch technique which is a form of circular movements on the dog’s body. It ignites cellular intelligence in dogs which makes a dog calm. 
  3. One more popular dog therapy is Pheromone. There is a dog appeasing pheromone which calms the dogs. It is like a pregnant female dog’s lactation which it produces during the pregnancy. It creates a bond in female dogs with their puppies. 
  4. Some dogs love music to the best of their ability. There are tons of music videos which dogs love. When your dog develops anxiety and you have taken it out, put its favorite music on. Your dog will listen to it and love it. 
  5. Play calming music that usually dogs love. Even if your dog never listened to it a calming music record would appease him. If you have turned on a radio station and it plays yelling and harsh music then stop it. 
  6. Some medicines show great results for dogs when they come with suitable training. Many dog supplements calm dogs. Some most popular dog supplements with OTC are Kava-kava, Valerian and Benadryl. Consult the vet you take your dog to. He will choose the right amount of dosage for your dog. 
  7. Some vets suggest a dog calming herb called Rescue Remedy which works great even for cats. There are tons of others like Tranquility Blend but don’t use any medication or dog supplement without consulting the vent. 

These tips can resolve the issue of anxiety in your dog. It may take some time to recover but it will surely. 

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