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Funny Animal Memes

What is a meme? Simply a picture with text on it is called a meme. Memes make life wonderful as they don’t take much time to give you the best day sometime the best of life. When it comes to memes animals are prime object the memes mostly revolve around except actors. Funny animal memes are part of our daily life. Such memes are really awesome if you look at them as a medium of interest and also thought provocative at times. Some memes define situation so well that an essay on it fail.

Richard Dawkins coined the term meme for the first time in 1976, in his book The Selfish Gene, by which meant the shared product of collective cultural genes which are no different to him no matter how different a culture is and his thought about meme that he named artifacts memes was long before the modern internet age, before these memes morphed into what they are seemingly now.

Back then, he was talking about the changing time along culture and its visible progress—song melodies, art styles and media whatever you may name it. Today, progress of the internet culture think of memes as jokes shared across all of social media platforms including the massive web in the form of image macros (those pictures of animals or humans or whatever with bold black-and-white or colored text on them), hashtags (the phrase you add to emphasis on what you just wrote on Twitter and want it to be explored), GIFs (usually of a cat, dog, or any animal, celebrity, reality star, or just a human reaction you typed on Twitter), or videos (that Rick Astley video people used to send you).

Hilarious animal memes can give you an awesome experience of your life. It will become hard for you to not search for a silly animal meme in a day.

As memes growth seems a very important aspect of internet did not come to limelight until mid-1990s when few folks start gathering on internet, sharing stuff on message boards on Usenet groups that they found very entertaining and worth sharing.

The early age of internet saw, pixelated images of dancing babies or hamsters was all that took to get meme popularized. Soon after internet transitioned from Dialups to DSL and meme exchanging took place on platforms like eBaum’s World they received massive traction and they became very much sophisticated afterwards.