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Dangerous AirBnB Room Surrounded By Sharks – What Could be The Experience Like?

Everyone has some kind of fear whether that is for spiders, the dark, snakes or maybe sharks, but what length would go to go to be cured of those fears? Or maybe you’re a thrill seeker looking for the new experience to really push the boat out and cross lines that no one else has before, well if either of these are you then you might be booking yourself into the new Air BnB facility that offers a nights stay in a totally unexplored style of hotel room, by sleeping alongside live, real sharks!

Via AirBnB

If you are heading to Frances capital, then why not book a nights stay in the aquarium and sleep amongst the fish (for real!) by having a bedroom situated in their giant shark tank! The bedroom is an enclosed waterless room plunged down, 10 metres into the shark tank that is home to 35 of the deadliest creatures of the sea. The room features a 360 degrees view so there is no hiding whilst sleeping in a tank that is filled to 3 million litres of water!

Via AirBnB

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If you want to get in on this experience of a life time, then move fast as it is trialing the room from the 11th of April to the 13th! The whole idea of the room is to show people that the main scary character from Jaws is actually a misunderstood animal and to allow people into their tank to gain a deeper understanding of the beautiful fish.

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The room accommodates four people per night and they have Fred Buyle, a shark expert, diver and underwater photographer as their host to learn about their bedroom guests! Then for the entire night, you are left to sleep hoping the room doesn’t break! This is not the first time Air Bnb has hosted a scary night, having held a competition last year to allow one person to sleep in the Catacombs amongst thousands of human skeletons! What happened to a good old bed and breakfast? The limits of the hotel room are really being pushed and this is an amazing idea… wonder what is next for a crazy Air Bnb room?

Via AirBnB

AirBnB’s a room surrounded by sharks seems to be the most dangerous airbnb offering. The experiment could be very scary to those who actually venture in there. This time amazing animal photos has come up with a different post to keep you engaged and thrilled.


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