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Animals Take Their Selfies When LA Zoo Let Them To

Have you ever let animals take their own selfies? We doubt their aptitude at this right. But a zoo in L.A. did not think like that.

Over the past year, there has been one craze that has just stuck and stuck and not budged since, which is of course the selfie! Everyone takes selfies, in the car, in work, on the toilet… basically at all times in all places.

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Best Selfies With Animals Ever Taken By Photographers 

But the selfies that have received the most hype and trend the most is those that have been taken by animals! They are always so entertaining and the funniest, so one Zoo have had a great idea.

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There is a project starting in an LA Zoo called Zootopia in association with the new movie that is coming out, to develop animal friendly cameras and encourage the zoo animals to take their own selfies!

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The cameras have sensors that automatically take the photo when the are at an 18 inch distance from the lense… because some of our furry friends don’t have fingers to click when they have the best lighting!

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The results so far are absolutely hilariously amazing! The cameras have been used by giraffes, sloths (they take their time getting the best shot) warthogs and even tigers. Obviously, this is a one of a kind project and it has gone viral due to its originality.

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This is the first time any camera has been given to a somewhat wild, untrained animal and let them use at free will; but the animals seem to have taken to it really well and all the photos look as though they really are intended selfies which is what makes them so much funnier.

We think this project will take off and it gives people a really cool chance to see certain animals close up, when normally you wouldn’t see them such as the tiger. It also shows an inquisitive and the sheer intelligence of some of these animals, showing that it is not just us humans that love to have a vain moment and take a sneaky selfie, but our Zoo animal favourites are getting in on the craze too and seem to be loving it. After all, when else are you ever going to see a sloth selfie or tiger selfie!





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