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50+ Funny Animal Memes 2019 to Break Your Jaws With Laughter

Funny animal memes and internet they are made for give you laughs. Not just they are visual communication of course they are but they are creation of individual minds to give you best of a hive mind. They are the byproduct of various minds thinking in unison.

The mind of regular internet surfers think weirdly, often funny, sarcastic and sometimes dangerous. Richard Dawkins introduced the term “meme,” for him the cultural difference was not affected on genes that had to spread themselves from brain to brain as quickly as could and replacing mutating as they went by. He named it artifacts memes that had bits of cultural DNA and displayed collective experience of societies.

Today memes are understood by everyone. When it comes animal memes clean and funny animal memes these are really fun part of the internet. The pop culture without memes is nothing. The whole media is absolutely a wasteland without memes.

Amazing animal photos has round up some of the funniest animal memes 2019 for you to gasp for air while laughing and jiggling at them. Animal memes clean always make our time memorable and more wonderful.

#1 Who would win?

media source

Buff cat no, basically anything else in life.

#2 Me trying to take your sadness away

media source

Look at your sadness.

#3 Benson roll out the red carpet

media source

I wish to drag my ass upon it

#4 Christmas cookies, anyone?

media source

No, I haven’t seen any christmas cookies.

#5 Good evening y’all

media source

Let’s get this bread

#6 Box of chocolates

media source

Warning may contains mutts.

#7 Only then did the mouse realized he was in the wrong neighborhood

media source

Such a wrong neighborhood for the lonely mouse.

#8 You want sit?

media source

Shame! don’t you see I am seating here…

#9 You SEE US….

media source

How many are me?

#10 This look on a cat face when….

media source

I can give the world to you if you face like this?

#11 Me: hey ca, can you heal my broken heart

media source

Cat: mrowwww..

Me: Thank you

#12 Hi Welcome to my ocean

media source

This stingray is seriously funniest creature you would ever see.

#13 This is the cutest “nope” I have ever seen..

media source

Probably the cutest ever cat

#14 Knock shit off the table

media source

For no f*****ng reason at all.

#15 These two pictures have the exact

media source

Well now that face is certainly the best animal meme.

#16 This goose is healthy

media source

and has been released.

“Animal memes clean provide the internet surfers with a mode of enjoyment and entertainment in a split second.”

#17 Cheeetah wants cheetos

media source 

Cheetah: Me wants cheetos.

People: Please give her a cheeto.

#18 Current emotion dogs who are stuck but pretending everything is fine

media source

Pretending that everything is fine.

#19 Who is the neighborhood psychopath?


media source twitter

She is the neighborhood psychopath.

#20 Do cats face-swap?

media source twitter

#21 Cat meme or a cat sketch

media source twitter

This is the visual form a cat meme with text on it.

#22 Was that really a funny animal meme?

media source twitter

Let me laugh first…haahhahahha

#23 Oh, crap! Was that today?

media source twitter

They never thought they’ll see a unicorn meme. But we are finally in for them.

#24 When my friends need someone to

Media Source

listen to their problems and is all ears. Great! I got plenty of ’em.

#25 I have only Isabelle for a day and a half

Media Source

But if anything happened to her. I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.

#26 What a shame the poor grooms bride is a horse.

Media Source

Horse: Me not a bride rather trying to be a groom. Oops! ain’t know nothing about humans. My mistakes.

#27 When ur telling ur grandparents about ur job and they have no clune what ur talking bout but they are supportive.

Media Source

They are like that. And that look is cute and cringeworthy at the same time.

The mind of a daily internet surfer thinks weirdly, often times funny, sarcastic and sometimes dangerous too. Richard Dawkins was the first who coined the term “meme,” for him the cultural difference was not affected on genes that had to spread themselves from brain to brain as quickly as could and replacing mutating as they went by. He named it artifacts memes that had bits of cultural DNA and displayed collective experience of societies.

#28 This the snake that finessed Adam and Eve

Media Source

Why this snake look like it break hearts.

#29 When you and ur childhood bestie took different paths in life but you still have a strong bond with them whenever you reunite

;Media Source

What a coincidence. This case is seriously amazing. Thats why we love funny animals memes clean.

#30 Dude A: Bro close your eyes.

Dude B: Okay Bro

Media Source

Dude A: What do you see?

Dude B: Nothing bro.

Dude A: Thats my life without you bro.

Dude B: Bro.

#31 That look when

Media Source

When someone is diabetic and fond of sweets too. But can’t have it.

“Animal memes 2019 are the way to great this new year and with all joy and rejoice like any with these memes”

#32 It is clear in the lease: no pets are allowed in the apt. Sorry.

Media Source

Ok I will make an exception because he looks very polite. He seriously is.

#33 Look what happens when you play animal crossing on a computer with a

Media Source

really good graphic card.

“Memes were not that famous until 1990s when the internet users start sharing funny images with black and white text on them to be reshared and reused for the purpose of keeping the group chats going.”

#34 Just smile and wave boys, smile wave

Media Source

News: a group of penguins broke out of a zoo enclosure in Denmark.

#35 Break crackers provided by the restaurant free of charge that

Media Source

will ruin my appetite if I eat too many.
Me: me

#36 Bad news: I accidentally washed a nice wool shirt that I really loved and it shrunk a lot

Media Source

Good news. Yeah, really… a good one.

#37 A cat’s meow is not usually directed at other cats but at humans.

Media Source

To communicate with other cats they use snapchat.

Thats eve true some cats do their photos on Instagram.

#38 Got in touch with my inner self today

media source

Thats the last time I buy 1 ply toilet paper.

#39 When your mom tells you that you are a handsome young man.

media source

Such a handsome man. Just look at the face.

#40 This cat has a black chin, so it always looks surprised

media source

Note: The surprised cat memes are always fun. You’d see plenty and you would love all of them.

#41 Should I take my dog to the vet

meme source facebook

I woooooood… Yes I wooold.

#42 Tried to quit my job today

meme source facebook

Now I work 2 more days a week, I am a genius.

#43 I actually think

meme source facebook

That nutella is disgustingly sweet.

The fact is today’s world is full of knotty human problems and the time is very important factor infact time is money. So people don’t want to use time without getting money of entertainment. In a short time these animal memes clean, funny animal memes and all other memes transpire the information in bits and pieces but very useful often funny.

#44 My s*x life is as wild as a t-rex

meme source facebook

It doesn’t exist anymore. Lol. Some people certainly thought otherwise.

#45 What kind of fruit is this

Media Source

Acaattados. This is how you can grow cats and eat them.

#46 I put his favourite blanket in the wash, he sat like this for at least half an hour


Media Source

Some cats can even wash clothes, know about everything regarding some electronics and a washing machine is one of them.

#47 Tried to run, tried to hide

Media Source

Break on through to the.. edge.

#48 Hi there my name is Hugh

media source reddit
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#49 After a long day’s work..

media source reddit

#50 Chocolate labarador

media source reddit

fed my dog chocolate by accident and now…

#51 A Saga

media source reddit

She was fearless and crazier than him. She was his queen.

#52 Face and neck yoga

media source reddit

#53 Deep fried

media source reddit

#54 Expectations vs Reality..

media source reddit

#55 My dog Charlie means business.

media source reddit

#56 Oh lawd here he comes

media source reddit

#57 Peow

media source reddit

#58 procrastination meme

media source reddit

When you procrastinate too many things. And they finally catch up to you.

#59 strange looking doggos

This is what you get….

media source reddit

….when you search uncomfortable and slightly nervous doggos at Google.

#60 Tabloid Hippo

I do not have a problem

media source reddit

I can stop anytime I want.

#61 That’s a face of distrust
Truce Agreed.

media source reddit

Korea accepts peace in return for cute bow.

#62 When someone say milkbones

media source reddit

Well now what.. I am already down.

#63 who wants chinese

This cat is a delivery man.

media source reddit

I has delivery.


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