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15 Short People Problems

If you were not born with Kendall Jenner’s legs that go on forever or like the Rock in height, then you’ll be sure to be able to relate to these annoying yet hilarious truths about being a very short person.

Can’t Reach

That top can or beans in the supermarket or that book neatly on a shelf – none of them are in reach without climbing, stretching and inevitably asking a tall friend to get it.

Constantly Being Told

This goes to all the people that feel the need to point out to short people that they are short, they know it so you don’t need to keep telling them!

Arm Rest

As a short person, you are used to being used as an arm rest or general leaning post.

Made To Pick Things Up

There is no logic that just because someone is short it does not mean they should pick up things you have dropped because they are ‘closer to the ground’.

Mistaken For A Child

All short people will have experienced this one, be prepared to be ID’d everywhere you go and asked where your parents are!

Child’s Shoes At Bowling

When you go bowling it is child shoes or no shoes! This can work to your advantage though as child shoes are cheaper when you go shopping!

Being Picked Up

For some reason people feel the need to pick up short people – please resist the cute shortness as we are people too.

Always The Front Of Photo’s

When you’re short you don’t have a choice if you like yourself in photos or not as you are always forced to the front of all group photos; this also means having to be picky when being photographed next to someone giant.

Looking Dressy In Heels

For short girls heels aren’t just for nights out, they are for life so you have to run the risk of look dressy all the time just to look a normal height!

Trouser Length’s

By now you have mastered the art of turn ups as there does not seem to be a pair of trousers or jeans that are the right length.

Limited Clothes In Petite

When there are clothes that are the right length they only have a limited choice.

Can Never Keep Up

To every one normal height step is about 5 of a small persons steps so keeping up can be a slight challenge.


The shallow end will be like the deep end! You have to be a strong swimmer as a short person.

Sitting Behind People

Going to the movies, shows or sporting events is always a challenge as you run the risk of someone sitting infront and completely blocking the view.

Adjusting The Car

Finally, every time someone else uses your car or you get in a new car it will at least 15 minutes before you can leave as you’ll be adjusting the seats, mirrors etc so you can reach.


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