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11 Best Selfies With Animals Ever Taken By Photographers – #8 Was Not Worth it

It isn’t just humans that enjoy taking selfies – animals do to! Well, at least they like to pop up in people’s selfies, as these 11 photos show. People have managed to take selfies with all sorts of animals, from sharks and alpacas to dolphins and bears – which one of these do you think is the best?

1- Kissed by a dolphin

via Always Bubbles

2. Pucker up

via Brain berries

3. Here’s looking at you

via Funny Photo

4. Let’s hope it’s a friendly shark

via Jezebel

5. Smile for the camera! Or maybe not…

via Acculturated

6. This is what happens when your window’s open when driving through a safari park

via Ilovefunnyanimal

7. How cheeky!

via Hi-likes

8. Here’s one that went a bit wrong…

via Jezebel

The above one was rather a fatal selfie. So nothing is more important than the existence itself. It should not have been taken on the first place or from a distant angle so that a life could have been saved.

9. Irish photographer Allan Dixon, known for his many animal selfies, poses with an alpaca

via Scribol

Here is the complete list of Allan Dixon’s best selfies with animals.

10. The best animal selfies are the ones where the person copies what the animal’s doing, or vice versa

via Funny picture

11. Here’s Allan Dixon again in a pretty cool selfie that was taken at exactly the right moment

via Boredpanda

So that was the list guys. These were some of the best animal selfies ever taken. Want to see more? Check out this post which shows amazing animal selfies posted earlier by amazing animal photos.

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