10 Times Pets Imitated Humans Perfectly

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Pets are found every where and in many house and so many peoples go to place to laugh, cheer up, cuddle and even have a cry on, so it’s no shock that we see them show tons of emotions too but mostly in their own animal way! However, sometimes they capture human emotions perfectly and impersonate them so well which is ultimately pretty hilarious! Amazing animal photos have the best of pets that perfectly sum up our emotions and imitate humans perfectly, can you relate?

1. Guilty Puppy Eyes

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We’ve all had one too many biscuits or stolen that cute jumper from a sibling, so this guilty face will come as nothing new to most of us! However, this puppy executes it perfectly, take tips!

2. When Someones Eating Something Good

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When someone has food that looks really good and you’re starving, this is the exact emotion we all show! The desperation in this Pugs face says it all, he is sooo hungry and is completely eying up that crisp!

3. Don’t Make Me Get Out Of Bed

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When the alarm goes off and you’re super snug, this is what we all look like! This is the ultimate ‘I need a duvet day’ look, we have all been there and actually feel pretty jealous of how wrapped up that dog is!

4. I Just Cannot

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Monday mornings come to mind when we look at  this little guy that is basically saying, ‘nope, i just cannot with today!’. He has given up and is just chilled on this face!

5. Sassy

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This is the sassiest cat that is basically saying ‘Ew, don’t touch me’ and we love it! For all you sassy people out there , this is sure to sum up your emotions!

6. Not Amused

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When someone is being loud and you’re head hurts, when people are making fun of you or you’re just not in the mood – this is the ultimate ‘just no’ face!

7. Awkward

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We’ve all had those moments when we’ve wanting the ground (or, in this case, the sofa) to swallow us up as we feel that awkward, well here we have a kitty doing exactly that! However, it hasn’t quite paid off as it looks pretty stressful being wedged between two huge cushion pads… all in all pretty awkward!

8. Buzzing

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This puppy is super excited and has probably had one too many sweet treaties! His little face looks unbelievably happy and he can barely contain himself – this is the best emotion and we have all been there… especially with Christmas coming up!

9. Netflix And Chill

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This pair of fluffballs look so super chilled out, squished together in their basket! We can all relate to that feeling when we’re snuggled up in front of Netflix, in tons of blankets having a good ole’ cuddle!

10. TGIF… That Friday Feeling!

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This is the face most of us pull after getting home from a long weeks work! Happy, excited for the weekend and just super chilled out! Yeah, we think this pup has that ultimate thank goodness it’s Friday feeling just by looking at his super happy face!

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