Top 20 Frequently Asked Dog Training Questions With Answers


Check out the list of most frequently asked questions about dog training as over the time the dogs have proved they are our best friends. They will never leave us no matter what, make us laugh heartily and even console us when we are hurt. It’s hard for new pet owners to take care of this beautiful animal but understanding their behavior and treating them accordingly is a must thing to do. Although they demand a lot of attention yet it’s all worth it. Once you take care of your dog well he will reciprocate the love ten times more and will try every bit to make you happy. So it’s necessary to do the things which are necessary and provide them with basic training and love they require initially.

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There are many veteran dog lovers who know what to be done and what to be avoided to give them proper care and love and get back same as well. In the meantime, it’s also necessary to avoid things which should not be done. Check out top 20 frequently asked dog training questions with answers which help you a great deal.

#1 Should I Leave My Dog In Car While It’s Really Hot?

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Dogs become really hot very easily. If the temperature is high outside the car will be even heating more. Some dog owners do not understand this basic rule and leave their dogs in the car. As a result, the dog in such heat might die or face health issues.

#2 How Much Should I Feed To My Dog?

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We have seen many times how impatient dogs become while seeing their food. But overfeeding them raises several health issues for them. Dogs will never get enough of their food because they never know when to stop. Following a weekly diet schedule is necessary.

#3 Should I Take Care Of My Dog?

Never compromise on taking care of your dog’s teeth. There are several products available to take care of your dog’s teeth–taking him to a vet for regular dental checkups is also necessary. Dental health is necessary for them to eat.

#4 Should I Hit My Dog?

Many times dogs makes us frustrate but hitting them should never be an option. Technically, dogs don’t understand punishment, such behavior will make it hard to train them. There are plenty of their methods that one should opt to discipline him.

#5 Should I Send My Dog Into A Crate For Punishment?

One should not send his dog to crate for misbehaving or as any form of punishment. Even if there are any uncomfortable crates you should make them comfortable so that your dog may enjoy it. If you will send your dog as a part of disciplinary action it will rather confuse him and make it hard to train.

#6 Should I Keep My Dog Chained?

You can chain your dog for a short period but doing it for longer hours is not good enough. The chained dogs become very depressed. They should be allowed to run and play as much as possible.

#7 Should I Avoid The Vet Because My Dog Does Not Like Him?

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One of the great expenses are vets for pets. But they are the only professional people who understand pets’ health issues and cure them when needed. As a part of dog’s health schedule, you should take him for regular checkup.

#8 Should I Pet My Dog On Top Of The Head?

It’s a common practice among people to pet dogs on head. But the truth is they don’t really like it at all. Since they can’t see their hand on the head, it might panic them. Let them see what you are doing and pet them then.

#9 Should I Be Very Lenient To My Dog?

Dogs are cutest of animals at their best. It does not mean the owner should be lenient and let him run astray. Dogs easily follow a set of principles after a few repetitions. The owner needs to set rules to make them follow and behave. It will help them not only learn quickly but avoid madness.

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#10 Should I Stare At My Dog?

Never stare your dog in the eye. Even no one should do that. Don’t behave differently in such situations and mostly aggressively. Watching them through is fine but staring at them for a long is dangerous.

#11 Should I Take My Dog For A Boring Walk?

What we do to take the dog for a walk is schedule a fixed time for him. It’s perceived as a healthy sign. But what if the dog does not like the same walk everyday? Generally, your dog will be happier if you take a different route or switching places.

#12 Should I Hug My Dog Even If He’s Done Something Wrong?

In order to train the dog properly, it’s necessary to make him understand what’s is good and what not. If you will pet him even if he has done something wrong, his brain will confuse it. It does not matter what look you get from your dog, you have to be firm to make him understand rules.

#13 Should I Follow My Dog If He Pulls Me?

While walking a dog, sometimes he pulls you, and try to make you follow him. You should persuade him to follow you instead, it must not happen the other way round. You should make sure to make him understand.

#14 How Neutering A Dog Affects Him?

Spaying or neutering is always a better option. It affects them positively. You should consult the vet for neutering your dog. Initially, they will not be happy but it will keep them healthy for a longer period.

#15 Which Collar Should I Choose For My Dog?

Dogs wear collars all day and these collars are not a big deal for them if they are comfortable. But either making it too big or too tight bear ill consequences. Tight or choker collars always make it difficult for them and they become anxious.

#16 Should I Feed My Dog Table Scraps?

Surely, dogs can eat some human foods but all would not go well with their system. Resulting, in health issues. Dogs, ask for table scraps, giving them everything is not good. Even it seems okay initially, it may cause health issues in the long run. So no matter how well they wiggle their tail make sure what’s right for their food.

#17 Should I Walk My Dog On Hot Concrete?

Dogs have good paws but they can get hurt as well while walking on hot concrete. While we always walk with our shoes on, many times, don’t even realize how how the concrete roads could be. Sometimes, they are severally hot which needs to be taken care of.

#18 Should I Let My Kids Jump On My Dog?

Our children love dogs for pets. They love to play with them any day. But jumping on dogs might irritate the dogs. Every dog has a breaking point even after a lot of professional training. Let your child play with your dog but make sure to teach them first.

#19 How Much Water Should I Give To My Dog?

Dogs crave for a lot of water and we should give them too. On hot days they crave for a much more amount of water than on regular days. Make sure to give your dog enough water to keep them hydrated as they get dehydrated easily.

#20 When Should I Shave My Dog?

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Shaving a dog in hot summer who has a lot of hair growth is the first thing that crosses a pet owner’s mind. Should you really shave him? The answer is NO. Shaving a dog in warm weather may harm him even more. The fur of a dog is a natural protection which helps him in every condition. The sun might burn a dog’s skin in hot summer.

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