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Realistic Migrating Animals Paintings With Eco System Show Global Warming is A Serious Threat

Combining superrealistic style with creative imagination, Lisa Ericson based in Portland artist brings surreal nature-inspired paintings of animal kingdom. Everyone of the acrylic-on-panel artwork from her Border Crossing which puts light on a fantastic mix of plants, animals and the whole eco-system itself. It definitely makes you feel travel in an epic fantasy journey that is excellence at par. These realistic migrating animals paintings with eco-system show global warming is a serious threat.

It is interesting to see turtles carrying mini habitats that are mobile on their rocky shells to various animals like mammals, birds and also reptiles; there are others like swimming pelicans and these all art pieces seems like Noah’s Ark.
The migrant animals theme is merged by Ericson with the migration crisis. The art-piece titles “into the dark” where a perched pelican by a mother lemur and her babies clinging to her, “I made Into the Dark in response to the horror of the policy of separating children from their parents at the U.S. border,” Ericson reveals. “Often when I work, I get lost in the technical aspects of painting—the color, seeing the image take shape brushstroke by brushstroke—but this subject matter was a little raw for me and I felt emotional about it all the way through.”

It is even unbelievable to see she has used black backgrounds for each stunning painting, the minute detailing is also amazing that is almost like still life paintings of the Dutch Masters. She has done acrylic painting with great precision while creating perfect fur, scales and feathers for each respective painting.

Realistic paintings of migrating animals by Lisa Ericson has a great message behind.
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a life least privileged is a life completely wasted

Amazing animal paintings series Border Crossing by Lisa Ericson
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raises the curtain from harsh realities of animals and the dangers posed to them.

This turtle carrying ecosystem on its shell makes us think a lot about many things.
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The future may not be as pleasing as we have predicted in our books.

Have you ever realized how much difficulties animals face while migrating
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A major portion of their population vanishes in the process.

It reminds amazing animal photos of ice age 3
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and the animation too was partially true about the melting ice and the future of animals.

The life is becoming difficult for animals specially when global warming is causing havoc to jungles.
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We must act now or never.

These painting of migrating animals depict real problems incredibly well presented by lisa ericson.
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The world is burning out every day and we just talk and talk nothing else.

Migrating animals have serious threates across the world
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Migration is a serious issue and it is even more difficult for animals to get adjust with
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Seriously think about it for a while and you will imagine the real picture. During the process of migration animals face problems like poaching and hunting have posed great threat to endangered species

These realistic painting of migrating animals ask a question
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have humans ever realized their facilitation and demands is met with at the cost hazards

This realistic painting of turtle carrying ecosystem on its shell
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deserves an award.

Surreal realistic painting merged with theme of migrating animals delivering a deep message
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that need to be ciphered easily.

This amazing work shows a beautiful animal kingdom without their own land.
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And finally we can only wish if trees could migrate too.
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or else there might be no more trees left. This message need to be shared with as many people as possible around the globe, amazing animal photos has a goal to strive for the livelihood and longevity of these beautiful animals.


Don’t forget to see her more works at Website | Facebook | Instagram

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