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These Baby Doll Head Planters Are Perfect To Welcome Gardening Season & The Trend Is Popping Up at Instagram

We are curious about gardening season and to welcome it properly we need to do some flowering, the time is just ripe  to get our hands dirty and bring in some coloring life to our backyards and window sills which have become otherwise. Instead of planning down to some DIY stores for the same old plastic and ceramic pots, lets try this new trend that is getting attention on Instagram. #Dollplanters.

Yeah true to its grit. Such creepy old dolls with dead eyes and blank expressions, can make the culminate to macabre meaningfully, at part with creative plant pots.

Is n’t it a good idea to spook out the neighbors? Particularly those  naughty kids who keep kicking the ball into your yard will think twice after seeing these.

Here is the Spook Alert

A Good Choice If You Can Dug Half of it Under The Ground

Perfectly to Keep Away Pesky Kids

This One Can Scare The Shit Out of Anyone

Hello World

Not Quite Scary But No Worries

It’s Smokin!

In The Mood to Scare Politely

The Conjuring of Cactus

Wow Lots of Love For Neighbors and Visitors

Man Too Scary!


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