15 Most Dangerous Animals In Australia

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Australia is considered one of the most dangerous countries on the planet when it comes to the quantity and sheer quality of dangerous animals that the country homes. The country has some of the most dangerous snakes, arguably the most poisonous spider, multiple sharks, arguably the most deadly thing in the sea and so much more that make this a place where surely you’d feel constantly on edge. Therefore, we decided to count down the 15 most dangerous animals in Australia based on how likely you are to see them and how dangerous they actually are.

15. Tiger shark

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The first name on our list is the Tiger Shark. Sharks are obviously an incredibly dangerous member of the sea. The Tiger Shark is arguably the highest reputable shark for eating humans as they simply want meat they don’t care what!

14. Red-bellied black snake

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The red-bellied black snake may not be the most venomous spider on this list, but it’s more dangerous due to its commonness and due to it’s high appearances in Sydney. However, despite its scary bite, there have been no deaths recorded from this species.

13. Mulga snake

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The Mulga Snake is the largest and heaviest venomous snake in Australia and also produces the most amount of venom. On top of this, it also holds on and chews on the bite instead of simply nipping like most others.

12. Dugite or spotted brown snake

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Very dangerous to humans, but only containing quite small fangs, the spotted brown snake or Dugite snake is one of the main causes for snake bites in Perth in Australia, resulting in 70% of the reported cases. Despite being shy, like most other snakes and animals in general, it will strike if it feels threatened.

11. Cone shells

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A deadly animal that has the potential to kill a human being if not dealt with quickly. However, the likeliness of finding these animals is quite unlikely as they rest on the bed of the sea.

10. Common death adder

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The common death adder is highly dangerous due to the fact that it’s found in long grass and isn’t likely to flee but stand its ground and risk being stepped on. The venom contains a type of neurotoxin which causes loss of motor and sensory function, including respiration, resulting in paralysis and death.

9. Coastal taipan

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The Costal Taipan has the longest fangs of any snake in Australia and when trying to defend itself with attack it’s victim with multiple vicious strikes that will leave it’s victim feeling pain and numbness across their whole body.

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8. Blue-ringed octopus

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The blue-ringed octopus is one of the deadliest fish in the sea. It has a venom within it’s bite that can kill a human being within the first 5-10 minutes of the bite unless dealt with properly.

7. Sydney funnel-web spider

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The Funnel-web spider has a deadly bite that produces a huge amount of venom, capable of killing a human being if not dealt with properly. The funnel-web spider is certainly the most dangerous spider in Australia and possibly the world.

6. Saltwater crocodile

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There are only a few recorded deaths from Crocodiles each year, however there are quite a few more reported fatalities. These are usually highly publicised due to their aggression and viciousness that these enormous dinosaur-like animals produce.

5. Eastern brown snake

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Brown snakes are some of the most dangerous in the world. They offer the second most deadly of venoms in the world and the Eastern Brown Snake is one of the deadliest due to its aggression and likeliness to attack rather than escape.

4. Bull shark

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Obviously, sharks are incredibly dangerous and one of the most aggressive sharks on the planet is the Bull Shark. Along with The Great White, these sharks are highly deadly and have been known to kill many humans if they get in their way of mistake them for a fish.

3. Irukandji

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Another incredibly dangerous jellyfish is the Irukandji jellyfish. It’s lower down the list than the Box Jellyfish due to the fact they reside lower in the ocean and there have only been 2 recorded deaths in the past 100 years.

2. Honey bee

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The average honey bee may not sound like the most deadly predator. However, the anaphylactic shock that this little sting can give you can kill people within minutes. Few people know that even if you’ve been stung before, there’s still a chance you could have a deadly allergic reaction during any other sting.

1. Box jellyfish

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The box jellyfish is widely considered as one of the most dangerous animals in the entire world. It has been responsible for over 80 deaths in around 150 years since being recorded. It’s so dangerous because of the fact it can kill a human with merely minutes of impact!

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