Woman Find Most Beautiful Insect Species of The World In Her Farm

Most Beautiful Insect Species Of The World

Margaret Neville was strolling in her garden one fine morning couple of days ago in South Africa when she was taken surprised by the sight of a most beautiful insect. To her surprise it looked like colorful leaves for a short moment at first. Moments later its moment proved otherwise. How many of such beautiful insects would be in her garden by 2020 is the question everyone keeps asking since this beautiful creature reproduced in the September as well.

The Flower Mantis

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As it’s not every day mantis we see in our gardens. Neville was completely off the hook having seen something absolutely rare in her own farm. Very soon she come to know that it was one of the praying mantis species and is called “flower mantis.”
The beautiful insect looks like a decorative art piece or a figurine to be specific with a flowery body surrounding on its sides and green-cum-white swirly wings make it breathtaking.

The Unique Color Changing Capability of The Species

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Usually they possess white color but they are capable of changing colors to purple and pink and sometimes to just any to blend and looks seamless like flowers.

The Advantage

most colorful insects pics 2020

This color changing capability help them repel enemies and attract prey very easily. Neville has named it “Miss Frilly Pants” moments before taking some pictures and returning it back to the lavender bush where it was found first.
She shared photos and videos with friends on Facebook which went viral instantly.

The Response

Her friends on social media could not contain this small information and keep asking Neville about this flower mantis. According to Neville, “Miss Frilly Pants, was in her garden until September and reproduced as well.”

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