Can You Watch These 10 GIFs Without Saying “NOPE!”?


Your challenge, if you wish to accept it, is to look through all 10 of these GIFs that we have found right here without mentioning the word “NOPE!” or even thinking the word in your head. We’re not going to lie, some of these GIFs will truly make your skin crawl, as they did I when writing the article. However, it’s a challenge and we double dare you, so you can’t let us down. Good luck!

1. A Snail inhaling a sea worm through its butt mouth

[boombox_gif_video mp4=”″ gif=”” jpg=””]

Yes, this is some kind of demonic water snail that inhales worms through it’s butt hole. We are not sure why or how, but we are sure that it looks horrible!

2. Parasitic worms swimming around in this toad’s eye

[boombox_gif_video mp4=”″ gif=”” jpg=””]

Yes, those are parasitic worms swimming around in the goop of the eye of a toad. The thing doesn’t look like it knows what’s going on, unfortunately we do and it’s horrible!

3. A mother Wold Spider carrying around 5,000 of its babies on its back

[boombox_gif_video mp4=”″ gif=”” jpg=””]

Okay, that’s a whole 5,000 NOPEs right there! That’s one spider without thousands of tiny spiders crawling over it’s back!

4. A spider swimming out of your toilet

[boombox_gif_video mp4=”″ gif=”” jpg=””]

What if you went to flush the toilet and a spider was hiding under your seat? Well, I think you’d scream and we certainly would if this happened to us!

5. Wasp larvae eating their way out of a caterpillar

[boombox_gif_video mp4=”″ gif=”” jpg=””]

This is just purely disgusting. These Wasp Larvae are slowly crawling out of the inside of a dead caterpillar.

6. What even is this demon?

[boombox_gif_video mp4=”″ gif=”” jpg=””]

Okay, we didn’t even know that Alien was based on a real animal, but if it was then we’re pretty sure it’s horrible deadly demon of the sea.

7. Surinam Toad giving birth to babies out of it’s freaking back!

[boombox_gif_video mp4=”″ gif=”” jpg=””]

The idea of tiny little water toads crawling out of pores on your skin would be the worst nightmare for most people and this GIF reassures that thought.

8.  Damn all those spiders!!

[boombox_gif_video mp4=”″ gif=”” jpg=””]

This is quite a famous one. That is way too many damn spiders in a small space. It just looks like fluff, but now it’s deathly murder creatures. NOPE!

9. Just gonna realign my knee cap

[boombox_gif_video mp4=”″ gif=”” jpg=””]

Ever known someone so hard that they’ve gone over and disclocated their knee and instead of rolling around in pain have just wacked it multiple times back into place? This guy has!

10. Man casually dives into a hole in the sea

[boombox_gif_video mp4=”″ gif=”” jpg=””]

Anybody scared of heights, dark places or hell should not watch this GIF as it contains all three of those things.

What do you think?