19 Mind Bending Illusive Photos That Will Make You Pinch Your Eyes Twice

There are times in our lives when encounter incidents that are just too illusive but believable that are hard to ignore or too weird to be incredible coincidences. The world give us a lot to get mesmerizing effect and feel amazed at times. It is where our intricately true genius takes his baby-steps of new roads that we traveled less before.

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While standing in a forest, one photographer noticed the outline of a feline hiding among the walls of rocks 


Two different brands of white rice appeared to line up exactly to complete a photograph of a vegetable rice dish. It was shared as part of an online gallery of optical illusions


The shadow up  on this wall which appeared to be of a dog was created by two people using a tripod to film a sign 

#4 One person questioned if their tomato had been genetically modified

#5 Statue and the wasps nest

#6 The alien bacon is actually looking for his father the sea horse #7 This  cinnamon roll had a striking resemblance to E.T. #8

Students at a university were quite perplexed when their professor’s hat gave the illusion that his head had completely vanished. #9 The angry pepper  #10

An iceberg at sea which looked nearly identical to superhero Batman – complete with the angular nose and jaw


A sleeping black and white feline friend was snapped from above that gives the opportunity to be mistaken for a baby panda. It was shared in an online gallery of mind-bending illusions


A person who was preparing to make a sweet potato dish was surprised by the its likeness to a seal – and decided to share the picture with redditers

#13 This is not a table stain but an actual doggo – You decide #15 The potato that already knows it is a trap

#16 Look closely not an alien UFO flying over a forest but just a car door #17 Bunch of bacon that cannot be undone #18 Chewbacca or a woman’s hair

#19 The fried chicken that exactly is the SIZE of the map of the USA


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