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This Angry Pelican Does Not Appreciate The Freezing Lake in Greece

This very furious pelican that you’d definitely don’t want to come cross! This very real angry bird doesn’t seem contented at all about its lake getting frozen in Greece during cold wintry days. A pro British photographer has captured an incredible series of stunning pelican photos that feature bemused pelicans facing messiness on a frozen lake.

Guy Edwardes, the popular British photographer has snapped these real angry birds at Lake Kerkini in the north of Greece last week. These pictures show these poor birds having difficulty to get a hold on the surface of the icy freezing lake.

Guy said ‘I was photographing them at Lake Kerkini and was lucky to arrive when the lake was frozen over.

‘The pelicans were a little unsure of the ice, as the lake doesn’t freeze very often, I’m sure they were not as angry as they looked though.’ says Edwardes

A bunch of pelicans is seen posing like ballet dancers in the middle of the ice as they seem struggling to regain their poise by moving their wings around
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A big bird comes into the land on the freezing icy surface of Lake Kerkini where there are hundreds of such pelicans that reside there through out the year
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A very huge looking pelican calls out as it flies through the air with its wings at the full-width of their span against an icy white backdrop
angry greek pelican
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A massive Dalmatian Pelican is featured in this picture sits on the surface of the icy lake in Greece last week as it struggles to cope with the sub-zero temperatures brought by the recent cold snap across Europe
angry pelican annoyed
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British photographer Guy Edwardes has captured this amazing series of very angry looking pelicans at Lake Kerkini in the north of Greece last week
furious pelican
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One of the group of the pelicans is taking flight above the remote lake against the spectacular mountain backdrop of Greece’s border with Bulgaria to the north
angry pelican furious icy lake
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