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Best Photos on Internet 25+

The amazing animals and birds look their best in the wild. The wildlife photographers take great pains to capture their beauty in the wilderness where they show all their talents. Some photos are so good that we cannot get away from them. These photos are appreciated everywhere and get awards for their superior quality. From predators who roam the highs of the skies to the cutest little chicks, these photos are sure to surprise everyone with their uniqueness. The predators like bald eagles can surely go to any extent of skies without getting tired of flying. It is amazing to see how these amazing birds have been ruling the highs of skies and lows of the seas with equal supremacy.

Here are some of the best photos on internet because they don’t only look amazing but these unbelievable photos but each one won an award for the photographer. Scroll down you will get the point.

#1 Bald Eagle

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A huge Bald Eagle is opening its wings up over water the other birds fly out of its way as this huge predator shows just how great it is. The photographer has captured its beauty to its fullest on its lens.

#2 Piping Plover with Chick

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This amazing Piping Plover and smaller one chick are finely captured in the photograph which is worth watching in real as well. But this photograph is all beauty. This is one of the most amazing birds in North America.

#3 Frigates Flying And Crying

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These two awesome Frigate birds seem to be at daggers drawn in this photos which to be seen to have wiped out color.

#4 Edgar Allen Poe’s Twinning Ravens

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These two Ravens cuddling over something a little clower in a very cozy portrait which is often considered superstitious.

#5 Turkey Vulture

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This photograph of the Turkey Vulture in the backdrop of a scenic parlance is so beautifully captured that the professionalism of the photographer could not be ruled out without much praise.

#6 Can You Count Them?

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The hundreds of Eared Grebes assemble together for the sheer warmth with their black and red coats shining brightly in the sunny rays during the day light.

#7 Violetear Bird

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The beautiful Green Violetear bird which shows clearly why it is called so as it has derived its name from with beautiful greens and bright blues.

#8 The Greater Sage Grouse

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The most feared bird Greater Sage Grouse is all honor and beauty. This one is really awesome of birds.

#9 Green Heron

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This green heron shows great agility holding itself back at the branch and sticking its beak into the water to get drink.

#10 American Goldfinch

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The American Goldfinch’s pictured above was drinking but it looks like its drink has gone everywhere. It is the professionalism of the photographer who has captured every drop of it.

#11 Perfecting The Art of Catching it Right Way

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The black winged Stilt is not fool but a vigilant to keep its eyes on the meal while directing the beak to grab it.

#12 Prairie Falcon

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Prairie Falcon is very upset in the photo as it comes closer to and and unnecessary mix up happens to be seen in the photo.

#13 The Infallible Catch

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The black skimmer bird seems to have flipped in pursuit of catching the prey. Photo by Mark Buckler.

#14 Yellow Bill Oxpecker

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back of a giraffe He is hitching a ride to find the food this little yellow bill Oxpecker seems comfortably sitting on the back of Giraffe that does not about it.

#15 Osprey Carrying Fish

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This Osprey seems taking this horrified fish for dinner to home for its chicks but just look at the face of fish who has by now come to know its fate.

#16 Blue Heron Vs The Frog

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The struggle for existence. Hanging in the balance or about to be eaten? Frog has seen its death in the mouth that is trying every thing to get away from Blue Heron’s beak.

#17 Look Closely

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Probably for its next meal this Eastern Screech Owl has camouflaged itself so well that it looks like the tree has got an eye which seems peering.

#18 The Courting Pinks Roseate Spoonbills


Flocking in to lock horns or in courtship? The Roseate Spoonbills are very colorful which makes them look more beautiful in their pink.

#19 Long Billed Thrasher

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With balance and care this long-billed thrasher seems comfortably balanced while jumping through a bush.

#20 Two Great Horned Owls

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The two twinning Great Horned Owls seems cozy and cordial and indeed very personal on this balancing act.

#21 Speckled Mousebird

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The Speckled Mousebird is one of the most colored birds in its built which is seen balancing perfectly while having his meal.
#22 The King Penguin

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Without an ounce of doubt the heaviest bird in the list, this King Penguin has perfectly wrapped itself in its designer winter fur-coat.
#23 Northern Cardinal Bird

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This Northern Cardinal bird is beautiful with its unique orangeness and reddish beauty as it seems piercing through the air.
#24 Hundreds of Ducks And Other Birds

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Hundreds of birds taking the flight to the skies to find a more comfy place to settle down.

#25 The Dancer on Waters

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The Great Blue Heron is just dancing and jubilant for having captured the food for day or a session may be. One of the photographs that won the photographer an award.

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Look closely and you will see the beak and eye. This does not look at one glance as it appears to be just feathers of majestic Osprey. Those were the best photos of northern birds which also won the awards for their photographers. These photos real deserve all the praise in the world.

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