20+ Redditers Share Beautiful Parrots Photos With Captions & They Make Us Provide Owners

Being parrots owners we often think “which parrot is the best?” What is the most colorful parrot or which parrot is most intelligent, the answer could be any but these beautiful parrots are cutest of birds. Once domesticated properly they always make you proud.

People on reddit share cutest pics of parrots of different species and each one of them is super cute. If you own a parrot whether a lorikeet or macaw, either of them would definitely make you a proud owner. These beautiful parrot birbs will keep you amazed and surprised at every stage of their life. Check out how cute the parrot pics with captions are that have been shared by people.

#1 “Hey, I’m the only important one in this photo, get out of the way!”

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#2 Carly loves this cat. I was holding it in my hand so she could snuggle it. Instead, she buried herself under it and took a nap

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#3 My partners first baby- everyone meet Albert

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#4 I can’t stop posting pictures of this happy little baby

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#5 Vera’s first ever Wet Chicken Wednesday

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#6 He was refused by her mom but after 3 months with a parrot rescue org, Muffin Maximilian is looking dandy

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#7 When people ask me what it’s like owning a lorikeet, I show them this picture of my and my scaly

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#8 Meet Chicken, one of my favourite parrots at a shelter where I volunteer. I’ve been trying to win her trust enough to get a cuddle for about a month and then finally got one! She’s such a sweetie. Her belly fluffies are coming in beautifully.

shelter parrots
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#9 Today marks the one year deathiversary of my first birb, Fitzwilliam Darcy. Though he was a biting machine he was still adorable and occasionally sweet. Love you dude.

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#10 Met this guy the other day. We are friends now.

cute parrots 2032

#11 So people loved Sweet Pea, this is Kili and he lives in his mother’s hair.

beautiful parrots 2021

#12 Taz being a charmer

amazing parrots 2021

#13 Wet birb doing a screm

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#14 Just a parrot patiently waiting to pick his plums

cutest parrots 2020

#15 Curious on my budgie’s gender? dont know if it’s too early to tell

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#16 His first time outside!

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#17 Just got Theos DNA test results back! He is indeed a boy!!! I’m a bit surprised because so many people guessed girl haha.

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#18 Well, guess I’m not moving until she wakes up????

amazing birds 2023

#19 I finally got to see a video of my sweet baby Eclectus!! (He’s green, his two beautiful sisters are red ?) I am so excited to meet him!! I actually started crying when I finally got to see him ?

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#20 Pluckers! How can I stop them? All health checks are back clear…all advice welcome….

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#21 Fluffy Biiirbs

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#22 My flock has scored me some undeserved karmha, so here is Sweet-pea coming at me after a nap like something from a nightmare.

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#23 One of my favorite pictures of our boy JJ, haven’t posted in this group yet so first post. We’ve had JJ for almost 2 years now and he’s a lesser sulpher crested cockatoo and as far as we know is around 5 years old now.

cute lorikeet ever

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