Animals Defying Zookeepers – 10 Encounters

They say never work with children, but working with zoo animals is ten times as hard! These poor zookeepers figured this out the hard way:

1. Panda falls down a ditch as it tries to escape the zoo.

Panda gif

At the Adventure World Park in Wakayama, Japan, two humourously dressed zookeepers struggle to keep a panda in it’s enclosure. First it tries to escape via the walls, before being carried away like a drunken man fighting off arrest – Then it realises there’s a ditch around the edge of the pen. The zookeepers frantically grab hold of it’s legs to stop it from falling, but unfortunately they lose their grip! See what happens next…

2. Gorilla breaks the glass of it’s enclosure.

When a little girl beats her chest in front of a gorilla, his next actions suggest he wasn’t to happy with the gesture. She thought it was a harmless way to greet the creature, but what she didn’t realise was that thumping the chest is actually a sign of dominance. The angry alpha male wasn’t having any of it, as this clip shows…

3. Bird hits zookeeper in the eye.

This poor zookeeper got a nasty surprise when he was trying to give a speech on a tropical species of bird. Ironically, he was commenting on how he hadn’t had any problems with any of the birds so far, right before the bird flew up to his face and pecked him right in the eye. Ouch!

4. Gorilla trolls zookeeper with hilarious consequences.

We all have our ‘off’ days where we just don’t want to deal with people, and great apes are no exception. Watch what happens when this mountain gorilla gets a little too fed up with a few noisy zookeepers…

5. Red panda freaks out over zookeeper’s leg.


This adorable red panda deserves the award for most over-dramatic reaction to a human foot. Surely, he’s seen this zookeeper around hundreds of times, so there’s really no need to act like the world is ending. Even his red panda friend is telling him to chill out!

6. Lion almost eats zookeeper!

In this scary clip, we see an agitated lion about to attack the zookeeper! Luckily, another staff member steps in and takes control of the lion by asserting his alpha male dominance. But the most shocking thing about this video is what the lioness, does to prevent her hungry lion mate from eating the terrified man…

7. Breakdancing gorilla.

dancing gorilla in zoo gif

The other animals in Calgary Zoo ain’t go nothing on Zola the gorilla. He doesn’t play by the rules and conform to zoo standards. Just drop him some beats and he’ll spin and b-boy like there’s no tomorrow!

8. Orangutan pulling faces.

If this orangutan was a child, he’d be put in detention for pulling such cheeky faces at those poor visitors. Unfortunately, the zookeepers can’t do much about it!

9. Lioness tries to eat baby.

This isn’t as bad as it sounds, since the thick double-insulated glass is stopping it from happening. Still it’s a scary image which shows that lions are never to be trusted as babysitters – not ever!

10. Bear dances to hip-hop.

Move over breakdancing gorilla, there’s a new hip-hop king on the street! This huggable brown bear just wants to party like it’s everybody’s birthday, so nod your head and enjoy the show…

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