9 Fascinating Videos Of Animals Showing Off Some Pretty Amazing Skills

Animals are definitely not to be underestimated: they’re pretty intelligent and the have some very impressive abilities. Some of the amazing things they can do are things they’ve learnt naturally, while others are things that have been taught to them by humans. Either way, some of the things they do in these videos has to be seen to be believed.

1- The cat who’s ridiculously multitalented

Didga, who’s known for her ability to skateboard, successfully broke a world record by performing no fewer than 20 different tricks in the space of a minute, including rolling over, waving and, of course, hopping into her skateboard, jumping over a bar and landing back on the skateboard.

2. The best goalkeeper dog

Purin smashed a world record for most balls caught by a dog with its paws in a minute. He managed a total of 14.

3. The octopus who propels itself like a jet

Octopuses and squids are capable of jet propulsion, which involves them shooting out pressurised water and launching themselves at speeds of up to 25mph to get away from predators or perceived threats.

4. The lizard that can walk on water

The so-called Jesus Christ lizard, or plumed basilisk, is one of numerous animals that are capable of walking on water (though it’s more like running on water). It uses both its feet and its tail for support and is capable of running short distances on water.

5. The master of disguise

The mimic octopus has often been labelled one of the world’s most intelligent animals for its unprecedented ability to mimic other sea creatures. Not only can it change its colour, it can also imitate the behaviours of many other animals – in fact, the range of sea creatures it can imitate is so diverse there’s nothing else quite like it.

6. The fish who knows exactly how to get its food

This mesmerising clip from Blue Planet II shows a tusk fish find a clam and whack it repeatedly off a rock in an attempt to break it open.

7. The orangutan who mastered DIY

Another clip from a David Attenborough documentary, this time showing off some of the amazing skills orangutangs have. The clip shows an orangutan doing things such as sailing in a boat, washing itself and even using tools!

8. The parrot who knows more than just human speech

This African Grey Parrot, who’s called Einstein, appropriately enough, isn’t just capable of speaking like humans – he can also imitate a range of animal noises.

9. Rescue dogs doing backflips and much more

Father and son act Richard and Nicholas Olate won the seventh season of America’s Got Talent thanks to their superbly skilled and very well trained dogs. In this clip, we see them doing backflips, wheelbarrows and much more. They have a total of 22 dogs and during a routine, as many as 10 of them can be seen taking part and showing off their skills.


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