5 Incredible Facts About Pigeons You’ll Want to Know

If you’re a bird lover, then you’ve noticed pigeons as they’re quite common in all parts of the world. Many see pigeons as the rats of the sky because they tend to be clumsy. However, you’ll realize that they’re quite remarkable birds. These birds are powerfully built, even though from their outlook, they seem delicate and harmless.

They also come from very cooperative family units which means they’ll always find their way home no matter how far they go.

The reason why so many humans keep pigeons is because they have so much in common with the human race. There are quite a number of skills these birds have, that were previously thought to be exclusive to humans alone.

When you’re doing your biology homework, be sure to read a few facts about these amazing birds. Here are 5 incredible facts to start you off.

1.     They’re Powerful Birds

This is a surprising fact for many because these birds’ outward appearance is quite deceiving. When you look at a pigeon, it looks like you can easily crush them with your fingers, but in reality, they’re very powerful.

You can actually train a pigeon to race, and many people make good money from this. The feral bred are the pigeon species built for racing. Which means training only makes them better.

A trained feral pigeon can fly as fast as 120 miles per hour which is mind-blowing if you think about it. They have impressive breast muscles that support their flight. Since the breast muscles are a third of their total weight, it helps propel them forward.

2.      They’re private

Who knew that birds could be private? Well, pigeons are quite private; that is why it took research for us to find out they have strong family units. I bed you’ve never seen a pigeon chick unless of course, you have pigeons at home.

Pigeons do not reveal themselves to the world until they’re mature. Amazing right? It’s like these amazing birds have a code of conduct.

That is why the sky is filled with fully mature pigeons only. Pigeon nests are very hard to find because these birds have mastered the skill of hiding their young ones. Before a squab takes on an adult appearance, they cannot leave the nest

3.      They co-parent

Photo by Yasin Emir Akbaş from Pexels

You heard that right! Pigeons care enough to co-parent, so you’ll never hear of deadbeat pigeon parents. The mother and father are equal partners, and they both make an effort to provide for the squab.

They help each other generate unique baby foods for the nourishment of the chicks.  Did you know that both male and female pigeons secret milk for the squabs to consume? The adult pigeons have a food storage pouch in their throat, so they feed the chicks through their beaks.

4.     They mate for life

Photo by Vlad Chețan from Pexels

Pigeons are monogamous, and they stay with one partner for up to 20 years. Couples should probably start releasing pigeons at weddings like they do with white doves.

5.      They will always find their way home

Photo by Zuzka Polony from Pexels

This unparalleled ability to find their way home is something worth marveling over. No matter what you do to confuse a pigeon, it will always find its way home.


Well, now you have five new facts about pigeons you didn’t know about. These birds are not only beautiful, they’re also responsible, intelligent, faithful, and they value family. If only we could ask for help from pigeons when we feel lost.

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