33 WTF Animals Photos That Will Make You Lol

Sometimes animals shock us beyond our imagination and psychological prowess. Yeah, you read it right beyond our imagination because we don’t expect them doing that something or to be somewhere where they should not be. But the truth is even through that shock and surprise we see a silver lining. To cut it short we have seen many wtf animals photos that really we cannot take enough of.

Scroll down to see these wtf animals photos that will make you Lol.

#1 Beetle on a man’s shoulder
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#2 Weirdos do weird things.
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#3 This could turn into a something very messy specially during a time when these monkeys bear babies
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#4 A split second between the life and death
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#5 Really wtf horse photo
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#6 Strawberry owl. Proof environs around us have an impact on everything including our skin
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#7 Real wtf photo of a scorpion -expecting a flat tire
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#8 Hunger or curiosity?
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#9 A lion among sheep
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#10 Would you set a step in…Australia is way too much wild at times
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#11 Too many mouths to feed.
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#12 Army of darkness on the road in the day light
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#13 Petador

#14 Very human-like

#15 Not in mood – nail biting

#16 When you are a lookalike you should dress like that too

#17 WTF – Would you dare to..

#18 On the tail of dilemma

#19 Ship of Theseus

#20 One of the common fatal problems in Australia

#21 Shut up and open the door

#22 The clear and present danger

#23 Let the right one in

#24 An army of their own kind

#25 C’mon look down before sitting down

#26 Deal with it boi

#27 One’s poison an other’s food

#28 Outside home

#29 Somewhere in Columbia

#30 Beware of crocs

#31 Traffic wardens

#32 Please no more kids should be allowed here

#33 Waiting for lift

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