30 Unknown Weird Facts About Parrots Which Are Very Surprising


When it comes to having a good relationship with one of the finest bird species, it is parrot. They are the most colorful of birds which attract our eyes and soothe our senses to look at. Parrots are known to have capability to imitate unlike other birds. They are also known to be very intelligent birds so learning about them is essential.

Just look at these unknown weird facts about parrots which are really cool to know about.

#1 New York And Parrots

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If statistics to be believed, there are approximately 550 wild parrots living in Queens and Brooklyn alone. No one knows how they got there but what the experts are certain about is that it has not happened due to natural migration. The closest theory that is believable is that they are the escapees during shipments.

#2 A Vocalist Parrot


Hatebeak the death metal band has a the only vocalist, a grey parrot called Waldo.

#3 Australian Night Parrots


One of the rarest of parrot species are the Australian Night Parrots. There are only 3 recorded incidences when these parrots were really seen in the country.

#4 Intelligence

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Parrots are known to be the most intelligent of the bird species. A most particular species is the Goffin, Cockatoo and are capable of even solving complex puzzles.

#5 Species of Parrots

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It is estimated that there are approximately 400 different species of parrots.

#6 Flightless Parrots


One of the species of parrots that cannot fly is called Kakapo parrot.

#7 Largest Parrot Species

The world’s largest parrot species are Kakapo parrots which are also known as world’s longest living birds whose life spans more than 90 years.

#8 Most Endangered Species

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Kakapo is also most endangered species of parrots, there are roughly less than 150 Kakapo parrots in the world left.

#9 Pandemonium

They are also generally referred being a large group as Pandemonium of parrots.

#10 Brand Marketing

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A Scotch Whiskey company back in the 1800’s trained a bulk of 500 grey parrots after reminding them their brand slogan and gave them free to different pubs and grocers as a marketing tactic which worked out well for them.

#11 Parrots In Arts And Design

There is a Parrot protection sanctuary in Saint Pauls, Minnesota which teaches them to painting to raise money for rescue and adoption of parrots.

#12 Indian Parrot Law

It is illegal to cage parrots in India.

#13 The Pirate Patch And A Parrot


In the classic novel “Treasure Island” a the main character Long John Silver has parrot pet named Captain Flint. This novel is considered the foundation to show the association of the pirates with parrots.

#14 The Truth About Talking Parrots


One of the reasons that parrots are liked is because they have tendency to learn talking. But they can’t talk with vocal chords due to absence of these chords, rather they control their throat muscles to talk as while contraction of these muscles the airflow results in mimicking in various sounds which they gradually tend to control.

#15 The Countries With The Most Of Parrot Species

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The Tropical and Subtropical regions of the world such as Africa, South America, Asia and Australia are home to the most species of parrots.

#16 Kea Parrot

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The Kea parrot is the only alpine parrot species in the world. Due to its thick feather layer with round body can retain the body heat. It is the reason Kea can live in cold areas of the world.

#17 Lifespan Of An Average Parrot

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It’s not easy to describe average lifespan of these birds. As each of the parrot species are different from the other and same goes for their lifespan. For instance, Parakeets have a lifespan of 7-18 years; whereas the African Grey Parrots can live about 50-60 years.

#18 Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw have the largest record wingspan of about 1.5 m or 5 feet while their average height is 4 feet from head to toe. This trait makes them known to be rather wider than taller.

#19 How Much IQ Does An Average Parrot Have?


Scientists have concluded through extensive experiments that parrots posses logic of a four-year-old child. They can easily solve problems and use several tools.

#20 Only Birds Who Can Eat With Paws


Parrots are the only Zygodactyl which means they can eat with their feet.

#21 Strongest Beaks

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Parrots are known to posses stronger beaks than most of the birds. One of the species of the parrots- Myacinth Macaw are capable of cracking coconuts and macadamia nuts.

#22 Monogamous Birds

Parrots on average are known to be monogamous birds.

#23 Taste Buds Of A Parrot


Most of the parrots’ taste buds are found under the top of their mouths which is a very odd but true trait.

#24 What Do Parrots Eat?

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A parrot’s diet is easily manageable. They eat almost everything including fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetables and insects.

#25 Extinction Of Parrots


The destruction of habitat and constant poaching around the world has decreased the population of parrots in the world and one third of which are facing extinction.

#26 Antibacterial Spots In Parrots


The scientists have discovered most active antibacterial patches in their feathers which help them fight diseases naturally.

#27 Guinness World Record

Puck the parrot holds the Guinness World Record for knowing more than 1700 words.

#28 The Size

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The size of a parrot depends on its species. Their sizes range 3-4 inches in length and smallest ones are the buff-faced pygmy parrots which are about only 3 inches in length.

#29 Society

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Parrots are very sociable among themselves. They prefer living in groups.

#30 Predatory Species

The most predatory species that parrots are faced with include humans, monkeys, birds of prey and of course snakes.


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