30 Shitty Animal Facts


Shitty animal facts are sometimes true, myths or just hypotheses, but they make awesome statements. We have gathered such shitty animal facts which are funny and weird at the same time.

The secretary bird has been hunted to near extinction for the eyelash extension industry

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Tigers are actually the rightful kings of the jungle, but Lions were coronated instead because they have more pride. To this day, the insult and thoughts of what could have been haunts many tigers

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After years of testing US farmers have finally created a chicken capable of producing more than two drumsticks

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Baby kangaroos are called “Joey”s because they’re always asking how you doin’


Lobsters never stop growing

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Golden retrievers have been known to breathe fire after consuming brimstone

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The orang tabby cat, more so that other breeds, can be readily trained to “hula hoop” and were a common attraction in traveling circuses in 18th century Europe

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Red pandas are one of the few mammals that can produce external rays of localized heat for other members of their species

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Chickadees and squirrels have waged war at the Birdfeeder for centuries

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The Cat of Fire and Ice knows the answer for every question. But He won’t tell you, for He is a Cat

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Once “Extinct” Squirrel-like Mustaschitheriomys Survives by giving up Trees for Walking the Streets

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The snow leopard uses his huge amount of cum to distract predators so he can camouflage better

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During mating season male bears will do everything to impress females

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A swarm of chicken nuggets can devour a dog in under 30 seconds

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A dog was crossbreed with a house cat in order to make this animals distinctive coat

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Owl drug use is a growing problem. Scientists interrupted this gaggle of great horny owls having a rave in 2017, and various animals were found to be in possession of and under the influence of cannabis, MDMA, LSD, and cocaine. The scientists described the owls as “tripping balls”

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Some bees are actually born from flowers. Bee balm in particular is a very common producer of bees.

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Capybaras are the Car of the Animal Kingdom, regularly going in for Body Work and Oil changes.

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In tortoise society, children are not allowed to watch adults eat and must turn their backs out of respect.

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The golden pheasant or Chinese pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus) uses bright colors to warn potential predators of its poisonous flesh, being one of only six avian species with toxic secretions

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10 million years ago, turtles only had a shell and had not yet evolved enough to have a body or head

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Bears are notorious hitchhikers

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In lieu of conventional poops, wombats prefer to poop out square poops.

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Due to a lack of fecal matter discovered, scientist are unable to say if bears shit in the woods

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Mountain lions make excellent mule feed

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Certain Giraffes Drop their Spots as a Trail to Find their Way Home Again

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The Fusilli Sheep is highly prized for its delicious horns. Harvesting a single bowl of pasta takes two hours and over nine dozen sheep

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It is a common misconception that cephalopods experience fear when receiving medical check-ups, when in fact they’re showing their thanks by becoming exsquidsite art

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Dogs are rapidly becoming more intelligent, some have even got PhDs and are teaching university courses

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The bright pink hue of the roseate spoonbill comes from its steady diet of cotton candy

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