20+Animals Pretending To Be Someone Else

Amazing animals would not stop surprising us with their natural talent and that is being funny in their own typically cute way. These animals have deliberately thrust themselves but in some photos among other animals as well. Humans feel glad at small things sometimes and that small time large fun package comes with our holy pets when they pretend to be someone else.
Amazing animal photos has round up the list of 20+ animals pretending to be someone else and they are funny in their distinct way.
Imagine a cat pretending to be a dummy cat rather and so many other photos in the list are aww making.

#1 Cat And Dog

This cat pretending to be pup and the pup under the blanket with this feline does not mind at all.

#2 A herd of cows

Meeting a wild relative of our own cult.

#3 Spot this doggo

Can you spot this doggo?

#4 Cat pretending to be something else

This pawsome kitty thinks we cannot figure her out.

#5 A dog among ducks – just a metaphor

but here someone else is trying to be so.

#6 This seal is a human

Give me fishesss I am humanoid

#7 Spot the odd

Can you spot the odd among these folks.

#8 Oh these fools thinks this duck

A white lady among pink ones

#9 Cat pretending to be a dummy

I am your award please take me home

#10 Who are these folks

You guys looks weirdos I comes here and remain here all day you know. Don’t ya look at me with that weird look on.

#11 I am a cat too believe me I am

I am orange cat not orangutan don’t be surprised.

#12 This cat thinks we cannot spot him

Can you? The most difficult one.

#13 Me No More a Doggo Ya’all Get That Straight

I have stopped being a dog. I like being this.

#14 Leave us alone

The dog that has a weird look on seeing these goats is probably unaware that these goats have spotted him

#15 Feed us mommmy

We must fill our tanks before mommy knows that.

#16 I am a shoe too

I am not a kitty any more. Please stop judging me. Me is just your branded shoe.

#17 Pugg pugg paggag – Me a ducky

Quack quack..quack quack..

#18 Let me have some too

Lets drink the milk together.

#19 They think I am one of them

They would not like me otherwise

#20 I am a good passenger

I am just like you believe me. Don’t underestimate me.

#21 Just a bunch of toy

A toy among toys.

#22 This penguin thinks I am a penguin too

He has no issues with me just want a perfect penguin selfie.

#23 We sleep united

image source

They would not let me out. This deer says.

#24 Cat thinks he is an owl

image source

Oh Really! Do you still think me not an owl.

#25 hehehhe

image source

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I am a leaf dog or a leaf but not a dog at all believe me. I am not.

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