Beautiful Macaws Photos Ever

Macaws are beautiful parrots we love to rear in our homes . They become a crucial part of the family in a matter of days. They are adorable and cute in every possible way. Not only that, they learn our language quickly which is one of the best adaptability traits we rarely see in other birds. We have gathered some of the awesome blue and gold macaw pictures, pictures of red macaws, blue macaws images, scarlet macaw images and several other pictures of macaw parrots that you will love. 

Feeding these cute macaws is not a big deal as they eat a great variety of foods including seeds, nuts, fruits, palm fruits, leaves, flowers, and stems. The wild macaw species can eat even more than the domestic ones. They travel to over a over 100 km (62 mi) specially their larger species like Araaraurana (blue and yellow macaw) and Ara ambigua (great green macaw), to savour on seasonal food. 

We have selected 20 of the beautiful macaws photos you have never seen before to show you their sublime beauty.

#1 blue macaw holding toothbrush during daytime

Image Credits Simon

#2 Beautiful blue and orange macaw parrot pic

Image Credits Nikolay

#3 scarlet macaw

Image Credits unsplash

#4 Selective focus photography of blue-and-yellow Parrot

Image Henriq

#5 Blue-and-yellow macaw

Image Nizam

#6 Blue Macaw near green enjoying weather

Image Blake Silva

#7 Amazing red and blue macaw with most beautiful color combination

Image Unsplash

# 8 Close up of a cute domestic macaw

Image Magda

#9 Macaw with beautiful color combination of green, orange and black

Image Pixabay

#10 cutest scarlet macaw with very beautiful eyes

Image SK

#11 Beautiful macaw is perched on branch and enjoying his food

Image Blacktator

#12 My mom just registered her green wing macaw as an emotional support animal. His name is buzz.


#13 This pic made me incredibly happy so I thought I would share. I love parrots and macaws. This is a Hyacinth Macaw.


#14 This is Fred. He calls himself “Pretty Bird.”


#15 His little wing is unfortunately deformed. So his name is Nemo


#16 Most tempting macaw


#17 Yellow macaw

Image Pixabay

#18 Beautiful blue macaws flying

Image Christels

#19 Meet Walter a domestic macaw


#20 A beautiful pictures of blue and yellow macaw

Image Darrell Gough

#21 Hanging out with some parrots


#22 Jojo is a Green-winged macaw.
A macaw is a type of parrot with a bare patch of skin on its face + larger beak and tail compared to body size. I wrote a song about how to identify parrots.

Steve Bush

#23 Finding a home I consider good enough for a rehomed bird is difficult enough, but when I start getting attached it becomes so much harder. So I show the people that aren’t good enough pictures like this.


#24 Meet this dude from China


#25 Dakota is a cute macaw


#26 Other than Ruri-chan, I have a sense of giving a name like Ny


#26 Good morning. Let’s go flowery today!


#27 Harry kun, Nante cute your face and the pose


#28 Rainbow on the wing


#29 Acck that one feather is out of place

Oneta Carter

#30 The northern subspecies of Scarlet Macaw has almost no green on the wing, as seen in this photo. (Photo of Scarlet Macaw) northern subspecies, by Greg Homel/Natural Elements Productions)


#31 Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) in flight. Taken during my Costa Rica workshop last November.

© Guy Edwardes Photography

#32 This little guy got dropped off here this evening not in the best of shape approx 22yrs old with a list of issues, so we got our work cut out again to get him right again and rehomed


#33 A pair of Scarlet Macaw in Costa Rica. They bond for life and earlier these two had been feeding each other bromeliads

Cat Edwardes

#34 Red-fronted macaw critically endangered species

Paul Jones

#35 Happy (belated) 17th birthday


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