20 Awesome Cat Gifs You have Never Seen Before – Cute Cat Gifs to Make you Laugh and Cry

Cats are the most adorable pets and they are so much fun. Cat gifs are fun to watch and cute cats playing funny tricks with humans or on their own makes these funny cat gifs so much funny. Watch these cute and silly yet funny cat gifs that will make you laugh like crazy. Enjoy our collection of funny cat videos and cute kittens and cat gifs to make your Meow Monday!

Curious Cat Chases Potato – Funny Cat Gif

This curious cat is definitely after something big…

curious cat gif funny

Cats Ater Duck

This cat didn’t know there was another one behind to spoil the trap…

cats after duck

Cute Cat Wiggles Like Shaquille O’ Neal

This is way too funny!

Cute Cat Wiggles Like Shaquille ONeal funny gif

Cats Trying to Climb Wall

These cats are way too smart!

Cats trying to climb wall funny gif

Amazing Cat Gets Feeding Bottle from Owner

This cat has been starved for long…

Amazing Cat Gets Feeding Bottle from Owner Cute Cat Gif

Cute Cat Falls Asleep in 5 seconds

I wish all kittens did that… (sigh)

Adorable Kitten Falls Asleep in 5 seconds cute gif

Funny Cat Playing with Vacuum Cleaner

Silly human toys…


funny cat playing with vacuum cleaner

What did the Five Fingers say to the Face?

This cat needs humor therapy!

What did the five fingers say to the face funny cat gif

The Lion King Relived

I want this cat costume!

The Lion King Relived

Cat Scared of Banana

Now what is this?

cat scared of banana funny gif

One two three, OFF

This is way too cute!

The Off Button cute cat gif

Let Me Finish my Nap

Silly humans, don’t let me sleep ever!

let me finish my nap cat gif funny cute

Best Mop Ever

They don’t know they are giving me good opportunity to scratch… muhahaha!

best mop ever - funny cats

Help Save me!

How did that happen??? :O  :O

Help Save me funny cat falls in bath cute cat gifs


This cat looks like a trained soldier!

sniper get down - funny cat gifs - anmazinganimalphotos.com

Spooky Halloween Cat

That was scary!

scary halloween cat - funny cat gifs - amazinganimalphotos.com

You Don’t Kid with me Kiddo!

funny cat fight - funny cat gifs - amazinganimalphotos.com

Best Cat Slow Mo Video Ever

Well, that was close!

best slow mo video ever - funny cat gifs - amazinganimalphotos.com


Umm, no thanks!

No thanks - funny cat gifs - amazinganimalphotos.com

LOL Cat Funniest Gif

That was a kangaroo cat!

lol cat - funny cat gifs - amazinganimalphotos.com

We hope you enjoyed this funny collection of cat gifs. Stay tuned for more 🙂

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