15 Ugliest Cats Of All Time That Will Make You Thankful For Yours

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Sometimes cats can pull the ugliest poses and look super scary/moody but after reading this you’ll be thankful for the kitty you do have! Here we present to you the 15 ugliest cats of all time!

1 Puss In  Boots

This really is a real life puss in boots and he does not look impressed. Some cruel but slightly hilarious owner has given their kitty a crazy hair cut that has left him looking like his is wearing big thick boots!

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2 Say Cheese!

This cat looks so happy and cheeky, but is also featuring some very wrinkly skin. This hairless cat looks super freaky and pretty ancient!

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3 Ginger Moggy

It’s hard to tell whether this cat looks really happy or really evil! Either way he is definitely on the plumper side and has slightly scary eyes!!

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4 Meow!

This poor kitty doesn’t even look very much like a cat but somehow he is really adorable in his own way. This ugly little puss is lovely in his own way and we’d actually love to take him home.

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5 Umm..

Were really not sure where to start when it comes to this cat, but all we know if that he most definitely deserves to be on this list! His fat tum combined with his crazy hairy chest all looks a bit scary!

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6 Botox Anyone?

This little kitten is only young but definitely has not aged well!! He is super wrinkly and his ears look far too big for his tiny head. We just want to give this poor cat a tub of anti-wrinkle cream and a jumper!

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7 I See You

This cat looks evil! We feel super watched and judged by just looking at the picture of him.. imagine what it would be like living with him watching your every move..

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8 Who You Looking At

Weirdly, this cat looks slightly human! We can’t quite put our fingers on it but his funny little eyes and wonky cheeks place him number 8 as our ugliest cats.

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9 Two Faced Cat

Yes, this really is a two headed cat!! May be alone these cats would be cute but they do look quite spooky and pretty moody about being together! This unique case is really fascinating but also does make them pretty ugly.

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10 Fangs

Meet ‘Princess’, this loved kitty has two front teeth or fangs that are ALWAYS poking out/1 Alongside the crazy body fur on this cat, we can’t help but laugh. She looks pretty shocked like us!

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11 Strike A Pose

We think this little guy is literally hilarious! He has just had a kitty hair cut and he is feeling fab, this cat has so much sass but we can’t help but laugh at his pompom tail and mustache.

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12 Hamster

This funny little guy must be storing his cat treats in his cheeks as they are so huge and puffy! His little chunky legs and tiny nose make him a funny looking cat.

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13 Bat Cat

This cat has giant ears and a huge nose to match!! What makes is all worse is that he has a super skinny head so it makes all his features look bigger.

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14 Grumps

This officially is the grumpiest looking cat. He has a sad little frown and eyes that look like no one should mess with him! This poor little guy must struggle making friends!

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15 And Finally..

We present what we think is the ugliest of them all! This little guy really got little going for him, he looks like an bald man with crazy hair and a bony body!

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