15 Cutest Cross Breed Puppies

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Here we have found some amazing cross breeds of puppies, that individually were adorably cute, but when combined are double as cute and adorable. These cute cross breed puppies are something the pet lovers desperately want to have. Some of them are really cute, there is only one breed that looks rather vulnerable. All others are just too good to believe. Check out these cute cross breeds, some of which you never knew existed.

Pomsky – Pomeranian and Husky

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This little guy is absolutely adorable, the Pomsky is so highly sought after there is often waiting lists for them but to own one would be so worth the wait.

Cockapoo – Cocker Spaniel and Poodle

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These little pups are double as cute and have double the energy of normal puppies! They have the sweetest looking little faces.

Labradoodle – Labrador and Poodle

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The labradoodle combine two of the most loved dog breeds into such friendly, highly intelligent and gorgeous puppies.

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Pitsky – Pitbull and Husky

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This little puppy makes the somewhat harsh looking Pitbull look so cute and a lot more friendly.

Chusky – Chow chow and Husky

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Could a puppy get any fluffier? This cross breed is the ultimate cuddly, snuggle pooch. The people are fond of this one because the two breeds that it comes from are liked by many.

Dalmi – Dalmatian and Corgi

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The Dalmi would be Cruela Devil’s dream dog! This stumpy little thing combines the cute short body of a Corgi with the gorgeous print of a Dalmation.

Labsky – Labrador and Husky

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This is a combination of two of the most popular and dogs, intelligent and family loved. The Labsky is one to fall in love with.

Corgi and German Shepard

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With no cute combined name, the Corgi and German Shepard is a new cross breed that looks absolutely the cutest.

Beagleman – Beagle and German Shepard

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This puppy will be very quick witted, cheeky, intelligent and most importantly absolutely lovable.

Horgi – Corgi and Husky

This is the ultimate combination of the Queens favourite breed and arguably one of the most beautiful breeds.

Bullpug – Pug and English Bulldog

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The Bullpug is the ultimate fashion cross breed, with both pugs and English Bull dogs being very popular recently.

Sharp Asset – Basset and Shar Pei

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The Sharp Asset combines the super cute droopy face and the tiny little body of both breeds, to make these little puppies too cute to you just want to give it a good cuddle.

Corgipoo – Toy Poodle and Corgi

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The Corgipoo is a tiny little pup that you could definitely carry round in your handbag! This little pup looks so innocent but definitely has a cheeky side.

Goberian – Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever

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The Goberian is a very strikingly beautiful puppy, that has eyes to melt you! This little thing could never be in trouble.

Shorgi – Corgi and Sheltie

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With the chubby little body of a Corgie, this little guy looks so cute and very different with lovely eyes and cute little ears.

Those were the cutest dog cross breeds that you can get for petting. We assure you are not gonna regret your decision if you are going for one of them.

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