10 Photos With Amazing Lonely Definitions That Dont Fit

This is kind of funny thing when we talk about objects taht are not alive. Although in this posts few things have life in their veins. Yet we are just talking about the lifeless objects and their feelings. We have tried to listen their hearts and find their feelings. See they are saying we are alone help us please:

The Stray Pumpkin’s Birthday


This pumpkin is very sad. No body came to wish him birthday even the root and stem that he was connected with have left him. They have disappeared. Only a friend has joined him that is small though yet with big heart. Happy birthday the forsaken Pumpkin.


The Lonely Wanderer


This wanderer is a happy go lucky man. He travels a lot but mostly alone. He has surpassed the hurdles and made his way through. Just wondering if he is alone who has taken this photograph.


The Lonely Face


This face is so sad in the portrait. It depicts the sadness through its eyes. He just want to be desperately with someone. The artist is bent upon keeping it lonely. She loves it that way. What about the portrait’s desire to be with someone.


The Lonely Window


This window is beautiful and is fixed on the beautiful building. The problem is it is only window on the house. It seems she wants to say something to us. Probably she wants an other window to be with her.


Give This Song A Name That You Cannot Hear Indeed


The singer is not alone. You must be wondering why then he is put it this list. Well it is for you to think. Alright, let me put it this way, it is because the song that he is singing “depicts the lonely thing in it”.


The Lonely Road


You would have listened many songs about the lonely roads and streets. This is the street that was the source of those songs. See you can see the bypassers on other roads no one dares to come on this one.


The Lonely Squirrel


This squirrel is very lonely. He thinks that the photographer is not alone what if he tries to catch me. I need some assistance.


The Lonely Parrot


This parrot is probably one of the beautiful parrots of the world. But the problem is that it is alone up there. Had there been two there would have been more beauty. We could have said the beautiful pair of parrot that is alone.



This horse in a magazine in Russia came alive one day and tried to run away, “pun intended”. The truth is this horse has been tired in this forsaken magazine. It is raining so it is trying to run away otherwise he will disappear from the earth.


The Forsaken House


This house has no plans to get haunted with ghosts. See how beautiful it looks at night. There is a grave chance that the ghosts would try to invade it. Therefore, it wants some men or family memebers that could help him to keep its position intact.


What do you think?