10 Of The Exotic Wild Animal Species You Can Actually Pet

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Many people want to own exotic pets but don’t know whether they can or cannot; what legal documents are required or what are the general requirements. But remember this, exotic pets really turn heads when they take a walk in the morning with you.

As Mike Tyson can own exotic pets so do you. Although keeping big cats at home requires many things to ensure safety. But still, there are other exotic animals that you can actually own. Check out our list of some of the exotic animals you can adopt as pets.

#10 The Crested Gecko

Crested or Eyelash Gecko is a native to Southern Caledonia. They seem creepy and scary at times. Despite all those goofy characters many people find them very cute and adorable. They might creep you out on the first instance.

They mostly eat crickets and mealworms. One of the most creepy characteristics of Crested Gecko is its smile which may scare you. Its hands are very small as well which further the creepiness.
Despite all those characteristics they are the cutest of all reptiles. If you’d look closely, we are sure you will find them very attractive and cute. They don’t require much care unlike other exotic pets. That’s why many people love to pet them.

These crested geckos make amazing pets and even your children would love them as they are not harmful. You don’t need a license to pet these exotic animals.

#9 Box Turtles

A North American turtle with a lower shell and a hinged lobe to enclose the animal. They have sharp beaks, rough scaly skin and razor-like pointing claws. You need to take great care for these turtles which make wonderful pets. They don’t need much space as compared to other exotic pets. If you have a terrarium the box turtles can really make a wonderful addition.

Their shells serve as their defenses and prove a home for themselves. They live up to 50 years which is a great number of age for a pet. Though every turtle cannot live as long as Jonathan who is the world’s oldest turtle that is 189 years old.

If you own box turtles you will need water for them as they need to soak up in water from time to time to hydrate themselves. Despite all that, they are not good swimmers but they are land turtles.

#8 The Capybara

The South American Capybara are the largest rodents in the world. Capybara are cute. You may get confused for its large size and it weighs about 140 lbs. One may not need a huge cage to keep these huge rodents.
These cute large rodents are semi-aquatic. But to own these you not only need to have a place for it but also proper arrangement for the body where it can swim everyday. Capybaras are very adorable, sweet and loving but at times looking after them becomes a challenge.

These giant rodents are extremely social and have inborn talent to socialize with people. Those people could be anyone from anywhere. So if you are planning on owning this amazing exotic animal, make sure to make some room for few more. Your pet is sure to come back with a company of others at your door.

Legal Issues: This rodent is legal to own in most parts of the world. Some American States require a license to own it and also in some countries a license is required as well.

#7 Pygmy Marmoset

Credits: dinoanimals

Pygmy Marmoset, Genus Cebula, is the native of South American rainforests. They are very small in size and is one of the smallest primates. These monkeys are also called finger monkeys and are so small that they can hang by human fingers. Their babies are only 5 to 6 inches tall and weigh about only 100 grams. These Pygmy Marmoset monkeys are the cutest of this list.

Legal Issues: They are not easy to get a license for and are illegal to own in most of the countries.

#6 The Fennec Fox


Fennec fox is also an African species and lives up to 15 years. Foxes are considered one of the beautiful looking animals. Fennec Fox among them is the most beautiful species. These species have some of the most beautiful ears that further make them attractive.

These are the smallest breeds of fox in the world. When it fully grows, It can only attain a weight of 4 lbs. These ears will make you fall in love with Fennec fox if you love cats and dogs. This fox a lot behaves like a cat and a dog in many ways.

They love to play around just like dogs do and love their freedom just like the cats. So if you are a cat and a dog person this fantastic exotic pet is just for you. What makes them different from the both is that they don’t like toys, it does not matter if that’s a cat or a dog toy. They like real attention to their humans and would love to perform feats to make you happy.

Legal Issues: You can adopt this pet in most States of the United States except a few States.

#5 The Sugar Glider or The Flying Squirrel

Image: Exoticbirdhospital

You would have seen many videos of flying squirrels on social media, they are part of the Marsupial family and Australasian natives. Marsupial mammals are those who are raised into their parents’ belly pouch. They seem flying but in reality they glide. These are the easiest of exotic pets to rear at home. You cannot pet all squirrels but Sugar Gliders are otherwise. They become easily friends with other animals.

But sugar gliders make the best pets and they are way more entertaining than other pets as they are very cute. Their eyes alone would capture your attention. When they are young their mother carries them on the belly pouch until they fly off.

You can feed them with anything sweet as they love all kinds of sweets including fruits, vegetables and even custards. So raising them is not a big issue.

#4 Hermit Crab


The Hermit Crab has a soft symmetrical abdomen and a castoff mollusk shell to protect it. They make the aquarium look very beautiful. It has bulging eyes and very distinguishable characteristics that make it easily recognizable.

Other crabs have hard abdomen but Hermits have soft one. When they get attacked they protect the abdomen first and hide under the shell. Their shell is snail-like. If you are planning to pet Hermit Crabs make sure you provide them a proper environment.

#3 Serval

Image: Boundarycreektimes

Serval found mostly in Africa and is a wild species which lives in the hot climate. Most cat lovers will adore this cute and wild beautiful big cat — Serval. If you manage to get your hands at a small Serval it will require half of the training that an older one would require.

These medium sized cats can only survive in warm weather. You need to have an open space for this cat. To keep them healthy you need to keep them exercising everyday and keep playing with them. Most preferably a spacious garden can provide it with a relevant atmosphere to the wild that it can move and play around easily.

Legal Issues: You can own them as a pet. There are no restrictions in the USA to own a Serval.

#2 The Chinchilla


Hamsters, gerbils and other rodents make wonderful house pets. Generally, they are very adorable as their big ears and fluffy tail makes them look so. But the most beautiful of all is Chinchilla. Mostly South American Chinchillas are famous for making a great companion. They are very active hamsters but they also get bored pretty soon. You need to have many things around to keep them busy.
They are not dangerous to humans but yes, at times, they prove destructive. There is one big short-coming to their characteristics that makes them less favorable, they often bite if you try to cuddle them.
There are no restrictions to own a Chinchilla in the USA, if you are tolerant enough these can make good, proactive pets.

#1 Kinkajou

Credits: Twitter

Kinkajous mostly live in rainforests. These exotic animals can be pretty messy and keep playing around with almost everything. Many famous celebrities love to pet Kinkajous. But their lovers do not stop there, Kinkajous are loved by common people as well. These animals are proactive and if you are going to pet one, make sure you know all about these pets.

There are no restrictions anywhere in the world on owning Kinkajous.

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